Thursday, March 28, 2013

Official RNRAZ Photos!

These are way overdue! 
I ran RNRAZ back in January and I never found a chance to post them until now!

loved running in my new green Sparkle Skirt! :)
Isn't it cute?


I had a blast running my first marathon! 
My overall time was 5:13.
I was shooting for 5 hours and I was trying so hard to stay in front of the 5 hour pace group (you can see me in front of them in the 2nd photo. They are holding the balloons.)
I lost them around mile 14. I was so defeated! 

I would love to run this race again just to beat my time (and beat the 5 hour pace group!!!). 
But the course is nothing spectacular. 
Very flat. No scenic views. And it got a little hot near the end (they used hoses to spray us down at mile 23). 
At least it's not freezing! ;) That's a plus!

Sorry this wasn't the most extensive recap. Sometimes I just run and and don't think to take photos. Glad they got a lot of photos of me. It helps if you are wearing a skirt. ;)

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  1. You look soo happy!!! Congrats and welcome to the marathoner club! :)


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