Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Training is in full swing!

I went to the first TriCats meeting on Thursday
And I won some cool swag. Which means it's a good sign I should be in this group. :)
I won this:

And I never win anything. I'm telling you...it's a sign

Friday was the first swim practice.
No pictures from that...didn't want to be that girl taking photos of people at the pool. Maybe as the year goes on I'll get some pics...
That practice was fun, and crazy and hard all at the same time. I inhaled soooo much water. Let me remind you I haven't been in a pool for quite awhile. I was beginning to feel pain in my legs after that practice.

Then, on Sunday, we had our first running practice at Reid Park.
I had eaten a semi-large-ish dinner beforehand (i know, stupid, stupid). So, I wasn't feeling it. I ended up trailing behind everyone, with major cramps. Great first impression I left for everyone. And running is supposed to be my thing. Ugh. I could barely make it around one loop.
My legs hurt pretty bad that night.

And then Monday, Labor Day, I decided a hike would be fun, even with the pain in my legs.
What a fool I am.
Chance and I hiked from the Palisades Trailhead (#99) on Mt. Lemmon down to Mud Spring, and back again.  The elevation started at 7850 ft and went down to 6700 ft. 
Found it! It's hidden in some bushes. I know bears love this place! Lots of water, berries, and good places to hide. Good thing we didn't see any...

The spring is behind us. Isn't Sookie's backpack too cute?

Why it's called Mud Spring.

The trail near Mud Spring. A big change from the rest of the trail.

Great views. One day, I'd like to hike down to Sabino Canyon one day. That's about 15 miles one way. 

Back up the trail to my car. 

This is what finally killed my legs today.
It was about 6 miles total. 3 downhill and 3 back up. And that is one hard hike!
We hiked half of the red dashed line. 

So, last night, I covered my legs in Tiger Balm. Smelly stuff, but it works. The pain in my leg has faded a little. But I have more practices coming up. I hope my legs can handle it!
*crossing my fingers*


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