Saturday, March 20, 2010

I keep going...

Just training for now. Not much else going on. It was a beautiful day yesterday, and it was perfectly warm to run. I ran the route for Race for the Cure around Reid Park. Maybe not the exact route, but close enough. I plan on running that a few more times before the big day. I'm a little freaked out I might come out as one of the last runners or something. I'm not sure what kind of people sign up for the competitive race. I bet very competitive people. Haha, people not like me. I am competitive, but usually with myself. It's too stressful to be competitive with other people. :)

Nah, I think I'll do fine. I was just worried when I was first training and I ran 3.1 miles in 45 minutes. Yikes! I wanted at least 30 minutes. Which is what I achieved yesterday! Yah! I really just need to continue to train and stop these little breaks.

My Pace:
Mile 1: 8:13
Mile 2: 7:03
Mile 3: 9:52

Well, I put off an essay that's due Monday. I'm off to start it! :) Have a great rest of your weekend! And Happy First Day of Spring!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Race Packet!

I never got the chance to do my Sabino Canyon run...yet. I'm still planning for it! Kali felt sick when she woke up and she had the free pass to get us into the parking lot. I had absolutely no money on Sunday either (but got paid yesterday, woohoo!) I'm sorry. I feel as if I have let everyone down. It is really beautiful out there, so I let myself down too. The photos will come though. I would like to go out there this weekend. My plans don't always work out because I have so much going on in my life right now. Juggling school and 2 jobs is hard work! Of course, I'm sure you all have a lot going on too.

This is my spring break and I'm working more than I have ever worked before! I'm really tired, and actually somewhat excited to begin school again, just so I'll have some time for myself. Weird how that works, huh?

On another note, I got my first race packet! This is for Race for the Cure on April 11th. I'm super excited, as you all know by now. My first 5K!

I made Chance take this picture, and he thinks I'm weird for posting stuff like this on my blog. Whatever. Boys are weird.

I've had a hard time training this week, mostly due to work. I've been busy, like always. Tomorrow is the next scheduled run of 4 miles. *crosses fingers* Maybe I should pick a new route or something, just to shake it up a bit.

Oh! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! :) I almost forgot even though Chance and I went out and had a flight of Irish beers. I'm sure that's great for training, right? Hope you had fun! :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sabino Canyon Tomorrow!

That's right! I'm going to the beautiful Sabino Canyon tomorrow for a morning run. I've invited a few friends (lets see if they show up, I planned it for 8AM) and I only know that my friend Kali is coming for sure. Still, very exciting! Some cleaner air will do me good. I hate it when I'm running on the streets and a car passes me and I can smell their disgusting exhaust. I despise breathing that in. I wish I lived farther away from these smelly cars.

This is where I'll be running my 6 miles tomorrow. I plan on borrowing my mom's camera (mine is a huge Nikon D60 and won't fit in a pocket) so I can get some pics! I need some photos of me running so you know what I look like! I do run, I swear. I'll show you!

None of these people are me. I haven't ran my race yet. Don't worry! It's coming up! April 11th! And I'll be sure to tell you all about it. I'm excited to write about it.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. I'm stuck working for 9 hours at the Children's Museum because no one else can cover for me. :(
It's a beautiful day outside (in Tucson, I don't know about where you are...i hope it's beautiful though!) and I wish I was outside running my heart out! Please do this for me. Run for me today!
I'll repay the favor, when you need it!

Also, new blog layout. Sorry, I like to change it up!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

running in the rain

Yesterday, I had the best/worst experience of running in the rain. I had made it home from school with 2 hours to spare before I had to be at work, so I decided to go running (of course!). There were a few rain clouds, in the nearish distance, and since I only had to run 4 miles I knew I could make it. Sadly, this is not the case.

I mapped out my run beforehand and everything! I knew where I was going so I wouldn't get lost and waste time. At about 2 miles, the rain and wind hit me hard. It felt like little icy needles pricking me all over. I had about .5 miles left before I was home. Let me tell you. That's A LOT in the cold, frigid rain. My legs and eyelids were numb. I kept going up until the intersection before my apartments. I shouldn't have stopped, but that stupid red light made me. I was about to pass out, it was really scaring me at that point! I could hardly walk home. Couldn't even get my key out, my hands were so frozen.

I did stop about 1.5 miles in beforehand and walk because my ankle hurt and not the good hurt. Had I not walked I could have made it home. I know it. However, then I could also have an injured ankle.

You can understand, I'm sure, as to why I called it one of the worst experiences. But I also called it the best. I call this one of the best experiences because I had FUN. It was awesome, up until the end. Running in the rain, knowing how numb my legs were getting and not even caring, wiping the rain off my face, sticking my tongue out, running harder to fight the wind, and so on. I hope people who were driving by and saw me thought that I was dedicated. Even though I really had no other way to get home other than to walk or run, that WAS dedication. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, but I'd remember to bring my phone so I could get picked up. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't make 4 miles. I just couldn't finish it. It was raining too hard at that point and my whole body was numb. I made it to 2.58. I'm not doing so well on my training, now am I? Tsk, tsk. Shame, shame.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From the San Diego Zoo to Sea World!

I'm sooooo excited for the 1/2 marathon in June!!! I'm just worried about my training schedule. I've been trying to stick to the Nike+ training program, but I always need to adjust it because of my busy busy schedule. I just need to make sure I can run at least 10 miles before I even sign up. I'm working on it. I can do it! *crosses fingers*

There needs to be more Tucson running bloggers! Please let me know if you are one! Or, if you ever visit Tucson, let me know too! :)

Okay, time for my next class....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My first 5K and a new training program!

I will now be offically be running in my first ever 5k! I just registered online. I would have done it sooner, considering it is in a month, but I had to wait for my paycheck. Oh, the life of living from paycheck to paycheck. I'm super excited and trying to get some of my friends to do it. I am currently running it with my older sister, Joann. Actually, I'll probably be running by myself because she's way more experienced. :) I love you, Joann!

Also, I've decided that I will not run my first marathon in San Diego. Instead, I will run my first half marathon. Still very exciting! I just figured that since I have two jobs and I'm enrolled at two different schools, I won't have enough time to train for a marathon. A half marathon is way more managable for me at this point. Some other city will host my marathon, someday. And that brings me to the new training program. Joann bought me a Nike + thingy (not really sure what to call it...tracker?) and I've signed up with the Nike + website. They have all kinds of training progams on there (for those low on cash and no time to join up with a running group) with programs for a 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon and other stuff. I'm happy to have a schedule to stick to now!

So, yes, the running club didn't work out for me. I tried to go last Friday, but I was just so gosh darn tired from my new job and midterms, that I just decided to rest. I would hate to let everyone on the team down because I wouldn't be able to show up for most of the week. Sometimes, I do like just running by myself. It's relaxing, I get to listen to my music, and talk to myself. Yes, I talk to myself outloud when I run, but usually only when I'm by myself. It's more like a motivation thing, than anything weird. I tell myself to make it to the corner, or to keep going or to stop whining. It works for me, so, I'm going to keep doing it. Don't judge me. :p

Is it weird that I want to go running again because I didn't make my goal today? I know it's late, and dark, and still raining and windy...but I'm so wired! My legs ache but it doesn't even matter. I'm so excited to run my first few races this year, I just want to do it right now!!!

Winter Storm Alert!

Whoa! It's crazy outside today! It's incredibly windy, chilly and raining sideways. This is one of the many reason I love Tucson. The weather changes almost daily, in some cases. Yesterday, it was warm and sunny. Today, well, it's like I said, and I love it!!! :)

Chance, Sookie (my dog) and I went on a short run at Reid Park. This is where the Race for the Cure will be held, and I wanted to run it before next month. We only ran one lap (about 1.8 miles) becuase it was starting to get rainy, cold and windy. And Chance didn't bring a jacket, so he was freezing! My dog didn't do so well. I never took her running before, so she didn't know what to expect. And she was worn out at about .5 miles. She was chuging the water from my bottle and breathing oddly. I'm either going to have to train her to run with me or not take her anymore. :(

My legs hurt so I'm going to do some stretching and also some studying for a midterm I have on Thursday.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

allergies, oh no!

Just got back from a run! It was really good, but I'm allergic to something outside. I'm not sure what it is, but as soon as I walked into the apartment, I coughed just once and it went downhill from there. My sneezing and coughing still has not stopped! This happens to me all the time. I used to say I was allergic to running (like in middle school, when we were forced to run for P.E.), but now I know better. And I actually like to run now, so I don't try getting out of it.

Also, when I first started out, my throat felt as if it was on fire. It wasn't dry because I had been drinking a lot of water. But it hurt. The pain went away after 15 minutes. Again, I have no idea! What's wrong with me??? I do use an inhaler, rarely. But I never had to used it when I went running before. I usually make use of it when I have a panic attack and when I very stressed out and can't breathe. But strangely, I can definitely breathe when I'm running. I'm just a bottle full of strange today.

Now for something else! I'm trying to find some good music to run to. This was my playlist for today:

Shut Me Up by MSI
Enemy Guns by DeVotchKa
Dead! by My Chemical Romance
Hysteria by Muse
Red Hair is Better on the Alias Soundtrack
New in Town by Little Boots
Please Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna
Never Wanted to Dance by MSI
Timebomb by Beck
New Born by Muse

There's more, but I repeat a lot of artists, like Muse, MSI and My Chemical Romance. By the way, Muse is my favorite band. And I don't enjoy Twilight, so try not to bring that up around me. Muse does not need to be associating with that Twilight woman, in my opinion. The next two concerts I go to, they will hear about it.
Sorry, I had to get that out. Anyway, I like those dancey songs for running. They have a good beat and keep me going. Do you have any songs you can't run without? please let me know! I'm always trying to lenghten my playlist and discover new songs!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Midterms are almost done...

Hey all.

Just finishing up some essays and worksheets and editing for midterms week. I always seem to do this to myself. I stress myself out. EVEN if I started early on most of my assignments. Which I did. Stress likes me a lot, for some reason. I had a meltdown because my printer ran out of ink, and I went out to buy one and ended up buying the wrong one and now the store is closed. And blah blah blah, that's my life right now. Chance is telling me I'm full of drama. It's probably true. But I'm too worried about midterms to care right now.

I'm planning on running with the Running Club on friday! It will be a good end to a high stress week. I'll run so far with all of this anger with midterms! It will do me good. :) *crosses fingers*


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