Thursday, June 28, 2012

Advantages of Training on a Mountain

Finally! A chance to sit down and catch everyone up with my summer.

I did it! I graduated in May! I'm all done with school (for now, I may go to grad school in the future...) and I'm looking on to new job prospects. I am applying for full time at my current job so I hope that works out! *crossing my fingers*

Otherwise, I've been pretty busy. I'm working at summer camp right now on Mt. Lemmon as a counselor and manager, so it's been a little hectic. Haven't had time to post any updates. :/ 

But I've definitely been running! While I'm not specifically training for anything, I've found there are some benefits to living and running on a mountain. 

Advantage #1: The temperature difference! Compared to Tucson (with an current unbelievable high of 115), Mt. Lemmon is much cooler (high temps range from the 70's to the 80's). While there are still days that feel just too darn hot, the air definitely feels cooler and it makes for a nicer run. 

Advantage #2: Trail running! When I'm down in Tucson, I have to carve my own trails in the wash. But up here, there are a vast number of trails I can run.  I love that feeling of running free on a trail in the middle of a forest. 

A trail near Ski Valley. 

Advantage #3: Running buddies! I have a hard time getting people to run with me in Tucson. Not sure why this is. But at camp, I am surrounded with female counselors who love to get outside and exercise. It's never too difficult to find a running buddy (or 3 or 4). Also, we have a bear/mountain lion problem in the area and are discouraged to run alone. Fine with me. I love having someone to run with. Makes the time go by faster and the miles fly by!

Fellow counselors who share my love for running, thank goodness! 

Advantage #4: The strength training! Running at 8,000 feet isn't the easiest thing. First of all, the trails are never flat. This means a lot of uphill running. Usually, this wouldn't be a problem, but remember you are up 8,000 feet. So, breathing gets harder with less oxygen at that altitude as well. While the workout is tough, I feel stronger and stronger with every run. 

Advantage #5: The views! Running on top of a mountain gives you some spectacular views. It's always a nice reward for a difficult run. :)

A view of Tucson. 

So, if you ever have the option of choosing a cool mountain for training versus the summer heat, I recommend opting for the mountain choice. I have a feeling you would anyways. ;)


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