Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Goals

I feel it's about time I become organized with...everything. You know, like my training, specifically. And possibly my life, but that will come later (HA).  I don't keep a training notebook or anything, so this blog is it

I've decided to record my goals for each month and a recap of each past month. August will be a little weird because my new training plans start on the 7th and school starts on the 22nd, etc. Bear with me.

  • Join TriCats (a triathlon training group at the University)
  • Stick to half marathon/marathon training plans
  • Eliminate soda

I'm keeping it fairly simple for now. As the month progresses, I will add a few more goals. 


I hear this before leaving the house last night for a run: "You look like an alien"

Do I? Chance said it. So what if I'm wearing a headband, my headlamp and my headphones? Fine, I admit, I look a tiny bit ridiculous, but I don't look like an alien. Love you too. :P

Also, took this picture. Thought it was cool. What do you think? 

Expect some kind of change soon. Ok, ok, I won't surprise you. I'm planning a change in my layout, so don't be alarmed. I'm almost up to my 100th post (!), so it might be for that celebration. :)


  1. Good luck on your August goals!!

  2. I think your Aug. goals are great! I went to UofA for college, long before I ever got into tris, and never even knew about the tri team. I would have totally joined it if I had known about it though!


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