Monday, October 25, 2010

The 1st Annual Mt. Lemmon Marathon VOLUNTEER Report

So, I didn't run this one because was intimidating. Uphill for 26.2 miles? I don't think so. Not this year, anyways. Maybe someday I'll have the balls to run this race. The runners who did have the balls, I applaud you! You all did great! I'm super impressed and very jealous.

My Sunday begun at 2:30am, when I woke up. I then drove over to the Northeast side to help load marathoners into buses at 3:30am. I love the traffic at this hour! I'll drive in that any day. I met my friend Kevin (who volunteered with me) to help with the buses. It all went pretty well, everyone was really friendly at this time of the morning (even the bus drivers, they were very helpful and talkative!). I even met another blogger! Renee at Pinkcorker's Desert Trail Running Blog was getting on to the bus when I reconzied her! I asked for a photo (of course, we bloggers need that stuff) and she thought it was really funny and cute. I hope I didn't seem too awkward. She was really nice (Thanks Renee!) I just thought it was cool to meet another blogger.

So, if you want to feel like a celebrity, you should meet me at a race! :p

Kevin and I got everyone on the buses and hopped on the last one (just us, the bus driver and a really late runner) to head up the mountain. It was still so dark outside and I felt like I had been up all night (even though I got 7 hours of sleep!).

We got to the base of the mountain after waiting in a loooong line....

so we got off the bus and half ran to the start (it helped that we were talking about the Ragnar Relay to get us pumped...).

I didn't get any good photos of the start because we were running around so much and sometimes I forgot I had a camera, there was just so much going on. I wish I did get some photos, I loved the buzzing activity of the start line. Next year, for sure :)

After we got in the race directors wifes car (I know, wth? I'm pretty sure she doesn't know us...) we headed up to the mountain. Our first task was to stop at all of the water stations/aid stations and make sure they had everything they needed. 

We were held up at Windy Point because the half marathon started, so I got  few good photos. 

Looking South, towards Tucson

Windy Point

This is where we saw the first and second runners for the first time. 

Trying to see the runners

Can you see him?

As soon as the line of cars began to move, we hopped back in the car to find that it wouldn't start. Apparently, I left the door open/Kevin left the lights on in our excitement.OOPS. Thankfully, people are nice and they gave our *borrowed* car a jump.

We drove to the next aid station/water station. We handed out some trash boxes and played some Bop It with the nurses.


The 1st runner

The 2nd runner, about 5 minutes behind

The next water station was a high school group. They probably got the absolute worst was freezing. We pretty much left right away. It was just too cold! Sorry high school kids!

This is the 4th water station we stopped at. These BTE gals were pretty awesome. They handed me pamphlets about their half marathons and tried to get me to do a few. They even do training programs. I'm looking into it!

We were getting closer to the end with the last water stop before the very very very big hill up to Ski Valley. 

Making sure no one misses the dreaded hill
We finally arrived at the finish line and gave the race directors wife her car keys back. Oddly, she didn't look surprised when we handed them to her. She's a brave woman for letting complete strangers drive her car. We did bring it back in one piece though. Go us.

We got to meet Bart Yasso! Check out this months Runners World for more info on him. Or go HERE.

The 1st runner finishing!

1st and 3rd place

Bart interviewing the winner

The 1st female finisher of the marathon!

Kevin and his friend

After watching about 30 more people finish, I got on one of the last buses and went down the mountain. I had a great time volunteering at this race! There was a lot of excitement and energy for it being the first one. I hope there is more to come. I know Lazlo, the race director, wants it to become HUGE. So, sign up for this race next year and make his dream come true. :)

I plan on either volunteering or running it next year. I have to be involved somehow! It was so exciting to watch. And I'm really proud of all the runners who attempted this race, and finished! Running uphill for 26.2 miles (even 13.1 miles) is a difficult feat and I'm impressed! Great job!!

This week I'm upping my mileage to start my "official" training for the Ragnar Relay! WOO-HOO!

Happy Monday!


  1. So

    I must do this ONE DAY! Looks incredible [and painful].

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! :D My toe only felt weird when the toenail actually came off... although I haven't run yet but my guess is it'll feel fine... it actually has a tiny little toenail already starting to grow in its place :)

  3. That course looks so pretty!!! You should definitely train to do it next year! :)

  4. Awesome pictures!! I'm so jealous that you got to meet Bart Yasso. How cool!!

  5. Oh, I loved this post! You did a great job of reporting on your wonderful volunteer expereince! I have only volunteered for one marathon but I had so much fun that I know I will be volunteering again:) It looks so pretty where you live! I just went out on my deck and we have a few snow flakes already!

    Take care!

  6. so cool that you volunteered. great pics


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