Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivate Me! Monday: Rory Bosio

But how do you keep up that determination to try again? We all have our own forms of motivation. I started this blog in 2010 to keep me focused and connected with the running world. It has also been a huge source of my motivation. I look forward to writing about my trail adventures each week and I love reading about other runner bloggers race experiences, especially if those bloggers are local. I can't tell you exactly what it is about local bloggers, but reading their blogs gives me that extra push I need to get out the door. Maybe it's the fact that their stomping grounds are my stomping grounds and I am familiar with the same trails/roads.  Whatever it is, it works for me and I will have a post later on my favorite local running blogs. :)
I have written about motivation before, but I wanted to focus on a specific thing each time that I write about it now. Recently, I have been following the athletic endeavors of an ultra runner named Rory Bosio. 

From what I have read so far, Rory is a resident of Truckee, California (originally from Tahoe) and is a pediatric nurse. She is currently sponsored by North Face and she is a kick-ass ultra-runner (from my own conclusion). She has won the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc twice (2013 & 2014)! 

At her first UTMB win in 2013. She even set a new course record!
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She also does a lot of cross training including cross country skiing, yoga, hiking and cycling. 

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She is a fantastic source of motivation! I love watching videos of her interviews, she seems like such a fun person. If you have a chance, watch North Face - The Road to UTMB . Not an interview, but a quick watch. You'll get the idea.
From other sources I've read she is super fun on the trail and she said she loves to talk to others running around her. I chose her as one of my inspirations because I feel like I can relate to her. She has said she had been running since middle school but didn't start running ultras until after college (same here). She also has been doing yoga for awhile, starting in high school, and she uses it to complement her running. Rory is a much faster runner than me, but seeing someone that I can relate to definitely helps motivate me! 

Who motivates you to run farther? 

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  1. I love that quote! I'm trying to get back at it and have found watching videos like you say, looking at past race pictures, and buying new attire to be a big motivator for me.

    1. Looking at past race photos is a great one! And new clothes are always fun. :)

  2. Hi,Jamie: I'm an Alaska writer/runner (mostly trails but will tolerate pavement) who will be in Tucson for most of Feb. and March and would love to connect with you about running trials near where I'll be subletting, which is around the Himmel Park Library area. I'll be carless but will have use of a bike and bus/public transportation. I used to live in Tucson years ago and kind of remember by way around, but barely. I think I can take a bus to Sabino Canyon but not sure how to best get to the foothills/Catalina State Park area. Can you email me if you have the time/chance? Would be great to hear from someone in Tucson about the best trails/best times to run/safest places/times to run. The one thing I do know for sure is that I won't have to worry about moose and bears, lol. My email is: cinthiaritchie (at) aol (dot) com. P.S. I'm also training for an ultra, but not until August. P.S.S. I have the same shoes as Rory is wearing in the pic. Wish I had the same legs and lungs.

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