Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I’m back! And new rule, effective immediately.

I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been gone for far too long. That’s what happens when “hiatuses” happen. So, here’s my new rule:


I’m serious. I will find a way to get to a computer and update my life, running, whatever …even if I am in the middle of nowhere. There’s usually a way. Because you know what happens when I take “hiatuses” from my running blog??? The answer: I don’t run. :(
Totally lame, but a fact of life. I got in about 2 WHOLE RUNS during my original 2 week break.  But that was mainly due to the uneven jeep trails that tore up my ankle (sad day). The two weeks after that I have no excuse. I didn’t run or train at all. So that meant I couldn’t run the 5-miler (my own punishment for myself).
Last week, I went back to camp as a counselor (on Mount Lemmon!) and decided I only had a few weeks until I needed to start training for the marathon in January. I decided to run on my breaks and do hill workouts (what else is there to do on a mountain??).  I felt really good about those runs despite the fact I had left my Nike + at home. But, in a way, it felt really good to not be constantly looking at the time and my mileage. I did have my IPod, so I didn’t go crazy, but it felt really weird without my Nike +. I’m just saying. It’s not like I’m one of those “naked” runners. :) 

So, moral of the story (and the past 5 weeks) is that I wasn’t doing what I should have been doing. BUT…there’s a lesson in this ( No worries, I DID learn something people. J).  I learned that I need a 
schedule.  What an important, must-have item for all runners. And I didn’t realize it until now. I was running with the idea of running on certain days, but obviously, that didn’t work. SCHEDULE, SCHEDULE, SCHEDULE! Super important.

I didn’t get a chance to run since I got back on Friday because I have to be to work at 7:30 AM everyday and waking up earlier is difficult to do. My solution to this is to either wake up at 5:30 and run, or run at night, despite the intense heat. Whatever I decide, I need to decide soon, because training is approaching and I still need to find a group to run with. My next post will be on my goals for the upcoming semester and hopefully *crosses fingers* an idea of a training plan. I want to get out of the apartment and run around Reid Park tonight. Hold me to it! :)


  1. Welcome back! :) I hear you on the schedule... not being on a schedule and still getting runs in is almost impossible for me. I like the moment,when you check the plan off, it makes you feel good :)

  2. I am a total planner. It is all mapped out every week. Something has to be pretty important to pull me away from my training schedule


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