Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tortolita Mountain Loop and 7 Falls Trail Run

Lately, i've been torn between my finals months of school and updating my blog. I really love this blog and all the other running/trail running/triathlete blogs out there. But I only have 3 months of my undergrad left. 3 months!
I know, I'm pretty excited about it. So, bear with me as I concentrate on my homework and graduating in May. As soon as I graduate, I swear to you, I will be a blogging machine! :)


A few weeks ago, I ran my very first "race" with TTR (Tucson Trail Runners). I say "race" because you don't pay an entry fee, there are no awards, it's just a cool group of trail runners planning weekend runs and tracking everyone times. Really fun and it's kind of a big deal to me, the main reason being that most of them are ultra runners. I'd love to build up to this running level one day. 

The run was in the Tortolita Mountains (west of Tucson). I brought Chance along with me (with much protesting from him). We left around 6:45am. This was where I ruined everything. It starts promptly at 7am (didn't realize that) and we ended up getting there at 7:15am. FAIL. Then, I realized I forgot my Garmin. SECOND FAIL. So, by the time we started running, I just wasn't feeling it. My first run with them and I screw it up. 

On our way into the mountains. 

The old ranger station.

The start of the difficult climb up...

We set out on the trail in the early morning, running after the rest of the group (who are way ahead of us at this point). We run in the wash for awhile, arrive at an old ranger station from the 20's, and then make the ascent. This is a hard run! That climb took everything out of me! We didn't even make it 3 miles when I said "screw this!".  

Happy to be heading back...

We headed back down. We were the first to arrive back after 6 miles. I talked to the RD (run director) for awhile and then Chance and I went to breakfast with his parents. I feel bad about giving up so quickly, but some days you just don't feel it. Know what I mean? In the end, I didn't feel so terrible about turning around. I can't be a trail running pro on my very first run... 


On a another note....

I ran to 7 Falls a few weeks ago! 

Big deal for me. Hiked this trail in high school all the time. It was usually an all day thing. Then, I decided to run 1 mile into the trail. And I just kept going. I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop. I was having so much fun. And I felt awesome. The whole run was about 2 hours for 8.5 miles. I did a lot of looking around, and I spent a bit of time at the falls. 

Some rocks to guide the way.
There were a TON of river crossings...

Love this trail, nice and shaded at times.
But you have to watch out for snakes...

Another river crossing.

One day, I'll take this trail.
It takes off just before you get to the falls. I think it's a 15 mile loop. 

7 Falls. During the warmer months in high school,
I would  go swimming in the pools. 

On the way back...

I think I was just so amazed I made it there in the time that I did. It's so beautiful to watch the peaceful. :) 

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  1. LOVE the pictures! So different than VA :) I can't wait to visit AZ it really looks beautiful!!


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