Monday, January 10, 2011

A Tucson Tragedy and Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k

I'm really sorry I had to combine the two, but I really wanted to do both of these posts at once.

Saturday morning, a few miles north of where I live, 19 people were shot. 6 died from their injuries while the others are still struggling. Some are in a stable condition, while others are not. Of those shot was Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I'm sure you've heard the news, and if not, please go read about it. This whole ordeal really upsets me. While I personally wasn't close to Gabrielle, she is an alumni of my high school and every so often she came by and spoke at our debates and through that I met her. She is a big supporter of education so this shooting especially affected me, as I know it did to others. Right now, she is still alive but in critical condition. I am praying and wishing and sending her all these good thoughts. I want to see her make it and come out of this strong. 

Then comes the Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k. Since it happened that same day, Jan. 8th, I was in no mood to run, especially on a treadmill. But I did it, knowing I couldn't stare at the TV any longer because staring wouldn't give me more information. So, I walked down to the exercise room around 9:50PM (ten minutes until it would be closed, whoops), hoped on that dreadmill, picked some loud annoying music and started to run. Running really is a wonderful therapy. I was able to think without the constant outpour of incorrect information (seriously fox news and cnn, Tucson is not spelled Tuscon...and 19 people were shot, not 12 or 25, you can't just pick a number and throw it out there...).

So, while I may not have had the best time with this 5k (sorry Adam, hopefully next year, or this summer!) I did realize for like the 1,000th time that running is amazing and it can cure you of almost anything, in a way....

Miles: 3.10
Time: 00:35:10
Avg Pace:  11:20

Mighty slow and it probably didn't help that I had to keep turning around to see the TV to see if there was any new information. Slowed me down a little...

Tomorrow night, Chance and I will walk to University Medical Center, where all the surviving victims are staying, and will light candles and make some big wishes. 


  1. Thanks for including both in your post, Jamie. I grew up in Tucson and am a UHS alum, and the past weekend's tragedy was too close to home in many ways.

  2. I don't know how you managed to tie those two things together so eloquently, but you did.

    I didn't realize just how close you live to Tucson. I was glued to my laptop as well ( I don't have a TV). I think I spent a few hours in complete shock. It scares me, saddens me and angers me.

    I am glad running provided some sense of relief, if only momentarily.

    She is in my prayers as well as EVERYONE affected by this.

  3. It's such a tragedy! I heard also a 9 year old girl was shot and died. It makes me soo angry and upset!! I'm glad the run was able to give you some relief.

  4. This was all over the news. So tragic. All due to some psychotic 22 year old. Gives me chills just writing this. But she is still here and fighting.

  5. I was shocked when I heard the news! Good job getting in your run though!

  6. Well, thanks for getting the run/race in!! That shooting was CRAZY - hopefully it NEVER happens again.


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