Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Late Night, Last Minute

My last final of the semester is TOMORROW! Woo-hoo!!! *jumping around the room*
So, tonight is late night, last minute studying. Of course. College wouldn't be college without it.
But, I got distracted and decided to show you some essential things I need for a night like this:

First off, I need my tea. Coffee is for the morning, in my opinion, and tea is great for late nights because it doesn't make you jittery. Mine is Mango Black Tea (yum). My Chu Totoro, Chibi Totoro and a wee, little dust sprite are telling me to get my homework done.

Then, I rub some Stress Relief and Mental Clarity Instant Aromatherapy on my wrists and breath in deeply.
Even if this stuff doesn't actually work, I still really like the smell of it. :) It's from Bath & Body Works. Go get some. They also have stuff for headaches and sleep.

I need my fuzzy, comfy socks to lounge around in, of course. My apartment is always so cold to me, especially when I want to get something from the kitchen and I have to walk on the tile...burrr! Which brings me to my final necessity....

Junk food! I know I know, I shouldn't be eating this crap. But I do. And I love it, especially when I have to stay up late studying and I don't have any time to cook. 

So there you go, the studying habits of Jamie. Considering I'm doing this instead of something else....oops. :)

Okay, time to get crackin! 


  1. man - I am off to get those!! hope they work!!! ;)

    good luck on the finals!!!!

  2. Sounds like a great way to study! Nice! I didn't know anything about Golden Oreos... must add to my grocery list! LOL

    BTW, I used to work and help manage BBW's when I was in college and love that store. I have sooooo many things from there!

  3. Can I come over? All that stress-relief stuff looks awesome!

  4. I cracked up as I read this. I love all the perfectly posed pictures. You were procrastinating big time :-)


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