Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Apartment Searching is Stressful!

Sorry for the lack of blogging again. I've been stressed, looking for apartments. I didn't think it'd be so tiring! Either one place is too expensive, or they have hidden fees, or in my case, we found the perfect place (location, price, etc.) but there is a bad case of cars getting broken into. UGH! These apartments are in a great part of town (River and Campbell for my Tucson bloggers) but since it is right on the river (okay...a large wash), they are prone to people walking up from anywhere down the river right into these (and other) apartments! There should be extra security or something. This is the only downside to these apartments. I don't normally leave anything in my car so I don't have much to worry about, I just don't like the idea of my stuff being touched and violated. It angers me and makes me feel way uncomfortable, even the idea of it happening. Hence the stress.

Because of this, my running is nonexistent this week. Chance and I ran down to Broadway on Sunday night, but other than that, I've been laying low. My breathing was really weirding me out on that run. I need to work on it. It seems to be really bad some days, and other days, I have no trouble breathing. *shrug*

On another note....

I got a blank fortune cookie! Completely...blank. UNFORTUNATE! That must be the word of the week.

Maybe the rest of my week will start to look up. *crosses fingers* I'm planning for a morning running run with Kali on Friday. I'm looking forward to it! :)


  1. I googled a fortune generator to get a fortune for you. Here's what it gave me: "If you want to save face, keep lower half shut."

  2. I got a fortune cookie without a fortune once, but it was lacking the entire paper. That is crazy about the blank fortune cookie.

    I hope you find an apartment.

  3. SOrry you are feeling the stresses of life! Hang in there and you will come out on the other side soon enough.

  4. It's sad you got a blank fortune cookie. Write your own and make it real good!

  5. Bleh - you are right about the apt search. Not fun at all.

    I'd be crazy pissed if I didn't get a fortune!!


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