Friday, January 14, 2011

RNR AZ - It's almost here!

My first half marathon is in 1 day! I'm excited and nervous and unsure and intimidated and etc etc... I know I can do this. Sure, I never ran 13 miles before. Okay, let's be honest, I never ran more than 8. This will be interesting! Remember, they say it's 10% physical and 90% mental. Let me just say's very hard too keep to a schedule when you go to college and have 2 jobs. I am exhausted from all of that during the school year. And I know everyone has jobs and they are exhausted too. So. I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to do the best that I can do. And 8 miles was the best that I could do last year. 

This semester, I have my weekends free (yay!) and a little tiny bit of time off during the week. I feel a running schedule may be more manageable. I never actually stuck to a schedule last year, I pretty much just got out there, ran short-ish runs during the week and saved my long runs for the weekend. Very simple. I never did any speed work but I hope to incorporate into my training this year. 

I'm a little worried right now though because I don't have a big race planned...yet.

I'm looking at either the Mt. Lemmon Marathon to be my first marathon 

vs. the Tucson Marathon.

 However, those are both at the end of the year. Would I go crazy with the wait? Who knows. But that's all I got so far. 

RNR San Diego (in June) is sort of an option, but the cost to get over there worries me as a college student. I do have cousins in San Diego, but I'm not sure they'd let me stay over; I haven't seen them in years. But we are family, so I'll ask. Does anyone know of any marathons (or half's) in the SW US that I may not be aware of?


So far, I have new music from iTunes and a CD from my sister. I'm making a playlist tonight after class. I'm staying hydrated, especially for the next day. I'm trying to eat well, but it's hard when ramen is soooo cheap. :)  (just kindding, I don't eat ramen all the time...)
 I think I'm ready. 

Oh! And I'm going to the expo packet pickup on Saturday. I'll probably get there around 9-10 am and hang out for a bit, maybe go hear some people talk about running, you know. So, if anyone is running the race and will be there around that time, let me know!! I'd love to do a blogger meet up! That would make me so happy!! :) 


  1. RnR SD is shitty. Unless they've changed the course, there are a number of miles that are slanted, so one foot hits higher than the other. It messed me up big time.

  2. That's no good! I hear it's on some highway too, and its not very attractive at that point. Why can't it be on the beach??

  3. Good luck on Sunday! You'll do awesome!

  4. I'll be working at the Asics's booth all day long at the expo (I'll be the only girl working there likely, so I'm easy to spot) and would love to meet up - I LOVE talking about marathons in the area. You'll have to fight to get me to stop talking about them!

    I do not recommend RNRSD as a full marathon at all. Don't do it. It's terrible. But, there are some great ones around. is a fantastic resource for almost all the full marathons around.

    Have a great time this weekend and gooood luck!!!

  5. YAY for your 1/2! Awesome!

    Mt. Lemon? girl you are crazy [in a good way]. that race is nuts!

    kill it tomorrow!!

  6. Good luck and ENJOY your first Half Marathon! I have only done one, and the one I did I think the longest run prior to the HM was like 9 miles! YOU CAN DO IT!

  7. I really recommend you a fall marathon, give your body time ti adjust to the higher miles and that will help to avoid any injuries. For my first marathon last year I followed Jeff Galloway's beginner plan. I really recommend it!It's a little longer (26weeks) but this helped to stay injury free and fresh during the training.

    Good luck tomorrow!!!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday and good luck on the half marathon.

  9. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! You've worked hard for this, now go DO IT! Tell Kara "hi" if you seen her. :)

  10. Yea on your 1st 1/2!!! I hope it was an awesome experience for you today!!!

  11. I cannot wait to read your recap!

  12. I'm super excited to read your recap - congrats on a great race!

  13. I am more than impressed if you do the Mt Lemmon marathon. Though, I have heard the downhills kill in the Tucson marathon. Good luck deciding!


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