Friday, May 7, 2010

My First Run in Almost a Month!

Whoa. yeah, it's been about a month since my 5k. That was the last time I got a chance to run!! Crazy, right? I know. So, Kali and I went to Reid Park and decided to loop around the course. I think its like, 3 miles around the whole thing? I think. Anyway, we decided we'd be way hardcore and run around an extra block, totaling the run to 4 miles. Okay, so, that's not that hardcore but when you haven't run in a month it is! :)

Our run was really nice. We both had the whole running time lapse thing going for us, so we stayed at an even pace. We both felt really good, and the conversation was flowing (as in, we weren't stopping for breaths). We got up to about 2 miles this way, and then the heat hit us like a brick wall. We got a late start (9 AM) and so the heat was, well, heating up. We were fine for those first 2 miles because of the shady trees at Reid Park. However, when we decided to "be hardcore" we left the safety of the trees and heading for a field and some neighborhoods. The sun was so incredibly hot. I couldn't believe it! We were really pushing ourselves.

I think my Nike + sensor isn't calibrated correctly. We stayed at a very constant pace for the entire run. I'm either really good at keeping my pace, or my sensor/wristband is messed up. :(

Mile 1-9:52
Mile 2-9:52
Mile 3-9:52
Mile 4-9:52
Total Miles: 4.02

I'll have to wake up a lot earlier from now on. Or at least take cover under some shady trees at the park when I run. :)

These photos were from before our nasty run. I'm glad I didn't take any pictures at the end, we looked so red! I didn't realize running in the early summer, mid morning can take such a toll on someone. I very was sleepy the rest of the day and went to bed at 8! o.o

Also, thanks guys for putting up with my sad post the other day. I was really sad and had to tell someone about it. Stuff like that really makes me thankful to be happy and healthy. I'm so thankful I have good legs I can walk on and healthy lungs I can breathe with. And I will continue running with this in mind, because I don't want to take anything for granted.

Alrighty, I have a German test tonight from 8-10pm. Ridiculous, I know. But it has to be done! I'm doing a quick last minute study thing, so wish me luck!!!


  1. Glad you are back at it, even if the temps are cooperating. Remember to wear that sunscreen, even in early morning hours, okay? The pics are really cute, and good luck with your test!

  2. Oh yeah! It's all about the sunscreen!

  3. During my run this afternoon, I was wishing I had just gotten out of bed early. There is nothing quite like a good nap after an early morning run. Love the pics!


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