Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meet Me At Maynards

Hey all! I've been busy again, but not with running, unfortunately. But, my 5K is on the 5th so I better get cracking! Last night, I wanted to try out the weekly social run/walk called Meet Me At Maynards, so my mom and I went together. However, we arrived a little too late to walk with the group, so we walked the course downtown by ourselves. It was a great time to be walking! The temperature was perfect and walking alone had some benefits, such as being able to take pictures incessantly. Which is what I did. :) I'll only post a few though. 

I found this mirror randomly on the side of a building. It suits me. :)

me and my mom. awwww. :)

The snake bridge is crazy! I love it. The first one is it's insides and the other is it's head. It's a diamondback rattlesnake. There's even a rattle at the other end. It was built because the bridges previous to it were continuously getting knocked down from trucks that were way too tall.

We ended up right across the street from the Rialto, at the Cup Cafe. I'll have to get some good photos of that later. Hopped you enjoyed your tour of downtown Tucson! :)  Next Monday we'll show up on time and show you that it really is an event and I'm not making it up. 


  1. Great pictures! Good luck with the apartment hunting.

  2. THose are some fun photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Those are some great pictures!

  4. Great pics!! Funny, I grew up in a town with a Rialto theater.

  5. Awwww, Mom :-) Fantastic photos James! You are a natural photographer.


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