Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer is just around the corner...Almost there...

Oh, Blogspot...I try to stay away from you for a reason. I tell myself to do my homework, write my essays, take my tests...and THEN run. It has been like hell, I swear, trying not to run these past few weeks. It doesn't help either when I log on to Blogger to read some running blogs really quick. Yeah, that doesn't happen. It always turns into, "Why am I not running right now? All I want to do is run!". I torture myself by logging on, even writing this is making me anxious.

Here's what I have left:
1 essay, 5 pages on Nigerian Tribes
1 essay, 10 pages on my Dance Ethnography
1 conversation exam, for German
1 final written exam for German
1 final essay exam for African Archaeology
1 final exam for Southwest Land and Society
1 final lab exam for Artifact Identification
1 final exam for Cultural Anthropology

And then I'm FINISHED!!! Next Thursday is the last day!

And that means I can start running again. I have forbid myself to run and watch Dr. Who. They are my rewards for ending the semester, and I think they're pretty good motivators.

A photo for your entertainment: here I am being extremely bored in class.

Running posts will be back soon! I promise! :)


  1. Thanks for your encouragement...I'm very excited about my first 10K :)

  2. Study hard and then run hard! LOL!

  3. Wowza, this list made me barf inside of my mouth a little bit. Hopefully you can see the light at hte end of the tunnel by now!


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