Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Meet Me Downtown 5K

Hey all! I know it's been almost a week, but I'm finally ready to post the Race Report.
As the title suggests, I had some qualms about this 5k.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Okay, lets start with the positiveThe Good:
       - It was a "night" run. It had a totally different feel than a morning race would have, which I enjoyed. I say "night" because it wasn't dark at the beginning or the end of the race (see the ugly). It was nice to see how a race would work at this time of the day though.
       - It was cool to run around the downtown Tucson area. I love the historic buildings and the downtown feel. People came out from their houses and cheered us on. Very awesome. :)
       -Free Food!!! well, sort of. After the race, a few popular restaurants downtown (On A Roll Sushi, for example) were giving out free samples. And it was GOOD. I really enjoyed that part.
The Bad:
       -No timing chips. :( I really disliked this part. I wondered how they could get an accurate time without the chip. I know they didn't because I wasn't at the very front for the start of it. I was a few minutes back and I could see the clock when the started. Thankfully, I had my Nike+ with me.       
 -I have never gotten a technical t-shirt at a race...yet, but I wanted to see some at this one. I would have definitely bought one!
        -I might be acting a little picky with this one, but I thought the people at The Running Shop, who gave me my t-shirt, were a little rude. I want to see smiling faces people! I'm giving you my money to run, I'd like a little kindness. I'm figuring it was because they didn't know me/I wasn't exactly dressed like a runner? Because as soon as someone they recognized came up to them, they became the sweetest people on earth. I despise people who do that. Just be nice to everyone please, not just people in your running group or whatever it is.

The Ugly:
        -The only ugly about this race was the heat. It was TOO hot. Now, I usually have to run in the heat because I can't get away from it (it's Tucson...) but this was a temperature I would never run in. 100 DEGREES. Not enjoyable after the 1st mile. It was okay that first mile because the sun was shaded by the taller buildings. But once I came out from the downtown area and my body temperature began to rise, it was unbearable. I was pouring water from my water bottle on me but it only seemed to help for a few seconds. Even the cold water from residents hoses only helped for a little bit. And there weren't any firefighters with hoses. :(

      I think I did a pretty good job, considering the heat. I kept going and pushed myself especially hard. And I had fun! My parents, sister, nor my boyfriend saw me race it (they were traveling), but my friends Winter, Laura and Lisa did. Thanks for being there! :)

Time: 34:53.4
Pace: 11:13.8
Place Overall: 582
Place in Age Group: 23

I didn't have my camera with me, so I didn't get any photos at this race. Oh well. Next time!
I did find a photo of me after the finish line courtesy of Lupita Ramirez of Solaris Photography. I also snagged a couple of her other photos to show you guys what the race was like.

I'm the one on the left, chugging my water, in the blue and lime shorts. :) Attractive, I know.

Have a great Thursday everyone! 


  1. Nice finish time! that heat is crazy! Kind of reminds me of the Fargo 5K I did a few weeks back. blech!

    Great photos, too!

  2. Great report.

    Bleh - I just ran a night race here in PHX and I was not a fan.

    I have yet to see a tech T at a 5K, but you're right...they should at least let you preorder the things before hand!

  3. Yeah, don't down yourself on your finish time! Weather that hot is NOT an indicator of fitness! You did great, so no worries. AND... I really like your pictures.

  4. You did great! I don't think I could have done a race in 100 degrees!


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