Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Rec Center, some baseball and I'm off to Wales!

I went to the rec center Friday to run on the treadmill. It went well, except for the knee pain. I'll have to look into that pain. Maybe a certain stretch will help me out there? Any ideas??

The facilities are really nice! It was just built!


In other news...
I recently went to a baseball game with Chance and a few friends!  Just wanted to share, because I had a great time. I love getting together with friends.  :)

It was pouring rain the entire time (well, almost, there was a break from time to time...)! So that's why we look wet and weird. It was pretty much awesome! :)

Oops, I forgot we had a photo bomber!

Just kidding, that's our friend Johnny.


I'm going to Wales/Scotland tomorrow!

This is what I'm told it looks like from Google image. I sure hope so!! 

Naturally, I'll be doing some training over there. I'll try to write my runs/experiences down in a notebook so that I'll be able to update everyone when I get back.

See you all later and happy running!!!


  1. What kind of knee pain is it? Inside/outside? Behind the knee? only when you run? Lingering pain after a run?

    Have fun in Scotland!

  2. Baseball in the rain is the best.

    I'm super jealous of your trip - have a good one!

  3. Yeah, explain the knee pain and I might be able to suggest some stretches. Not promising anything, but maybe...HAVE FUN!

  4. the photos are breath taking! nice shots!

    scarlet chaco


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