Monday, August 9, 2010

Marathon Training: Week 1 Thus Far...

I’m doing pretty well. Sure, it’s only been a week, but I have to stay positive, right?
I’m just starting out, so a missed day here and there doesn’t hurt. I’ve heard that if I stick to at least 90% of my training I’ll be okay come race day. I just need to print out my calendar and stick it on the fridge! So far, I missed one easy run because I read the schedule wrong. I’m going off an old schedule, so I got the days mixed up, silly me.  The other run I didn’t miss completely, I just couldn’t finish it. I was supposed to do my long run (3 miles, so I didn’t miss much) on Saturday. And I did…for the most part. I got about a mile and a half in. The lightning was what got me to go inside; otherwise, I would have finished it. Trust me. :)

In honor of my 1st week completed, I bought a little something for myself...

I thought it would make running a little easier. Now, I don’t have to throw my water bottle from hand to hand when one gets tired of holding it. Sweet! Next week: maybe new shoes? I probably shouldn’t get in the habit of buying myself new gear every week of marathon training…but it’s so much fun getting new stuff! :D Plus, it motivates me to work harder the next week for something new. Does anybody else do this (or something else less expensive)  to push themselves during training?

Don’t worry, I won’t be working as much as I am now which means no moolah. *sigh* And that means I’ll have to buy other things to survive…like food. Oh well, I guess food is pretty good too. Thus is the life of a college student.

Have a great week! :D


  1. You'll love the handheld. Probably my most fav running purchase to date. Congrats on week 1!

  2. Great work getting week 1 done - I can see the one item a week getting dangerous though! I try to think of the race as my reward for the work, which is maybe why I end up doing so much racing, ha!

  3. Wohooo first week done - Congrats!!! :) I'm the same way, I always reward myself. Mostly I buy running clothes :) I use the fuel belt and the race vest, I prefer to have my hands free during running. Let me know how you like the handheld.

  4. Congrats on finishing your first week! You rock! I love the water bottle. I bought myself new running clothes before I even started training. LOL. Maybe that's cheating.

  5. Congrats on week 1! I love new running gear and have that handheld. I like it a lot but switch it up with my running belt.


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