Monday, August 16, 2010

Yay, New Stuff!

Yup. That's right. I got new stuff! :)

New Shoes! Mizuno Wave Inspire 6. Very comfy and stable, so far. Also helps keep my feet cool. (Very important, as my feet always seem to heat up fast, making some runs quite uncomfortable.) I'm very excited to be training in these shoes. Soon, I'll be able to do some sort of a review. 

Also, I bought some compression socks to wear on the plane and in the car around Wales. I thought they would be a good idea because I will be sitting for long periods of time and then suddenly running. I'll do a review for these as well, sometime after I get back from Great Britain.

I wanted to apologize for the awful rant about treadmills last week. I was hurting and upset. But get this...I'm going to give it another try tomorrow night at the U of A gym. It's a different atmosphere and the equipment will be better (hopefully). We'll see. *crosses fingers* :)

I hope all is well in the world of running! Have a great week!!


  1. Ooooo let me know how the compression socks work out for you! I have been wanting to get a pair. Have fun on your trip! I'm super jealous! (o:

  2. YAY new stuff is the best! Awesome motivation too!!

  3. Yea for new running gear. It's the best! You'll love the compression socks on the long flight.

  4. I have the same shoes as you! I've run about 250 miles in 'em so far and I'm a fan!

    I definitely love how ventilated they are, it was one of the first things I noticed about them.

  5. Love the shoes, they look great! I like compression socks after my long runs as well. I really think they speed up recovery :)

  6. Nice shoes!!! Mizuno wave is a great shoes. This is the best shoes for running!!!


  7. My wife LOVES those CEP socks.



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