Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh treadmill…how I loathe thee…

The late afternoon of Monday August 9th, I decided to go for a run. However, it was way too early/too hot to run outside. So, I decided to go to the fitness room and try out the treadmill, for the first time. Well, I’ve been on a mill before, but only for a few seconds because…get ready for it…I got bored. This time it was for 30 minutes and I was going to do it no matter what. The fitness room is a small room at our apartment complex, with no more than four different machines; One of them being the treadmill. The room has a large mirror that takes up one wall (perfect for checking form) and a small TV (unfortunately, it faces the back of the treadmill, not very helpful).  I walked in, glad to find no one occupying it (can you say awkward?). I had to run 30 minutes, so I hopped on the mill and got started. I was having fun for the 1st 30 seconds, watching the seconds go by and my pace go up. It wasn’t until the 2 minute mark that I realized the worst…I was completely BORED. I knew it was going to happen, I just didn’t know when. But 2 minutes….REALLY?!?

I swear, it was the longest run of my life! And, of course, the room was hot and stuffy. BLECH. Oh, and then the lights in the room turned off because it was a motion sensor. To top it all off, my knees were hurting so badly when I finally finished. And guess what? They still hurt, 3 days later. That’s definitely telling me something: No more treadmill running. :P

It was pretty awful. I know, I’m whining. But let me have my moment. I know I said no more running on the mill, but I’m also telling myself to not give up on it. There will be days in which there is no possible way for me to go outside. The heat is a very good reason to not run. The cold, maybe not so much, but it’s a possibility. I just wish I didn’t have such an awful experience with the treadmill. Why oh why?

Does anyone else hate the treadmill as much as I do?

In marathon training news….
Starting with Monday, I’ve run everything I am scheduled to run this week! So far, so good! I’m trying really, really hard to stick to this schedule because when I go to Wales I’ll have to force myself to run (either early morning, or really late at night so I won’t mess with anyone’s travel itinerary). If I keep doing that now, it’ll be easier (I hope). It’s going to be hectic. I have never traveled while training before. This will definitely be a learning experience. I’ll have another post about this trip soon.

Sorry about the rant. :( I felt it needed to be said.
Happy Thursday...night! :)


  1. I totally hear you on the treadmill. I feel the same way. Unfortunately I can only run during the week on the treadmill, because it's either dark (and I'm scared running alone in dark) or too hot. What helps me to fight the boredom is to do intervals, either hills or speed. For example, I warm up for 0.5 miles and run 0.5 miles fast, recover for a little and so on. This helps to improve your pace and also to make it more fun! I hope this helps!! Goood job on sticking to your plan so far! :)

  2. No! No! No! Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!!


  3. I have to say that I have not run on a treadmill this entire year so far. Although I have been thinking about starting to use it, because it would enable me to add in some hill training, I'd always have water and a towel sitting nearby, and I could run next to my friend but we would both vary our pace or take walk breaks whenever we wanted without worrying about the other person.

    Great job though! Think of it as the wall you just broke through!

  4. Can't STAND the "dread"-mill. Every minute seems like two. I live in Canada and will run in minus 30 celsius and snow up to my knees to avoid the tread. So I'm with you.


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