Thursday, January 13, 2011

22 Years

I'm 22! My birthday was actually on Thursday (January 6th), but so much was going on that I never got to it. Finally: I'm getting to it!

So, I decided to write 22 things about moi that you may have not known, in honor of the day of my birth:

  1.  I began this running obsession in Jan. 2010 
  2.   I am studying/training to be an archaeologist even though the job market for that isn't looking too good. But I am being very optimistic and hopeful!
  3.   I've worked at a toy store for 3 1/2 years and I have a super fun shift every time. I mean come on, I get to play with all the toys. :) 
  4.   During the summers, I am a camp counselor and it is the best job ever!!
  5.    I dislike chocolate.
  6.   I love making new friends, but I'm sometimes too shy to talk to new people. :/
  7.  My favorite color is lime green
  8.  I have played every sport at one point in my life except softball. 
  9.  I currently go to the University of Arizona studying archaeology and geology. 
  10.  I have a German Shepard/Chow mix named Sookie (yes, from the novels/tv show) and I love her so much!! However, Chance and I don't have a backyard at the apartment we are at right now, so she stays with my parents. Hopefully one day, my baby pup will come to live with me. 
  11.  Chance tells me I have OCD. I only believe him sometimes like when the books on the bookshelf need to be straight and stacked from tallest to shortest or when I like to arrange my pens and paper on my desk to be parallel to each other. 
  12.  I have a terrible memory! If you need to tell me something important to remember, make sure I write it down somewhere! You should see my desk at work, post-its everywhere
  13.  When I was little, I was diagnosed with ADD. While I've mostly grown out of it (or so I think), some days I still feel as if I just can't pay attention and I blame it on that. 
  14.  I have a purple belt in Taekwondo.  
  15. I love to read! But, I am a super slow reader and my to-read pile is growing too fast.  
  16.  I like to talk talk talk nonstop around my friends and family...whoops... :)
  17.  I want to run an ultra-marathon one day, more specifically, an ultra trail race!
  18.  My favorite food is Japanese. I lived in Japan in high school as an exchange student and I fell in love with the food. I really love zaru udon noodles (plain udon with dipping sauce) and egg-don (cooked egg on rice). So good, sugoi!! 
  19.  I am a huge klutz. 
  20.  I've kind of secretly always wanted to be a massage therapist, sports medicine specialist, or a trainer. 
  21.  I love pushing myself to my limits because I know it makes me an all-around stronger person. 
  22.  When I was in high school, I was told I had exercise-induced asthma. Ha! Look at me now! I still have my inhaler, but never need to use it anymore. :)

    For my birthday, I took a walk up Tumamoc Hill with Chance (which is quite the walk) and then went to join my parents for a sushi dinner! Yum. What a great birthday. 

    I also got some rockin' bday gifts. My parents got me a cutting board (definitely needed!) and a tea set. My sister gave me a Totoro t-shirt (please go watch the movie if you haven't seen it, it's really cute! Your kids will love it, promise!). I got some money from my aunt and uncle (going toward trail running shoes!). And Chance got me a Wii Fit Plus and Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown (which I did last night and I'm super sore from it!). Yay for presents! 


    In other news, my first half marathon is in less than 3 days (EEK!) I will have another post soon on my feelings about this half. So far, they are all good. But you never know, a lot can change in 3 days. 


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I love your 22 facts! Archeology sounds really exciting! I also want to do an ultra trail race one day and am super talkative.

    Good luck on your half!

  2. Happy birthday! You are so cute and funny. :)

  3. Happy happy Birthday!!! May all you wished comes true!! :)

    Thanks for sharing 22 things about you, great list! However I can not believe you dislike chocolate!! How is that possible?? :)

  4. Happy bday!!! if you are going to the expo on Sat, come see me at the brooks booth!!

  5. Happy B-day! :) Good luck on your first half! So exciting! :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Good luck on your Half!!

  7. Happy belated birthday! Good luck on Sunday! I have a terrible memory, too.

    Is Jillian any calmer in her yoga DVD?

  8. Well a happy belated birthday to you. Oh I remember when I was 22. I thought I was going to be 22 forever. It was a wonderful time and age for me.

    Can't wait to hear about your half marathon experience.


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