Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Back!!!...with some knee pain...

Okay, so I'm back, as you now know. I've actually been back for awhile. For those of you just tuning in, I went to the UK for two weeks!
I arrived in Tucson late on Wednesday Sept. 8th. That means I've been a lazy bugger (using some of that UK slang) with blogging. The planes and cars of this trip really wore me out. I get car sick (
very easily) so running only happened twice over there. I only got a chance to run in Wales (no Scotland or England); once in Ruthin and once in Cardiff. They were great though! The cities are beautiful and cool (temp-wise). Some mornings the temperatures dropped a little lower than I am used to, but I got through those runs. Pictures to come soon!!! I have to organize all of the 1000 photos and figure out what to post. :)

In other running news, I've been having some knee pain. I've been asked to describe the pain so I can get some advice (thanks for the help blog buddies!). Nothing too terrible yet, but annoying nonetheless. It's usually in my right knee just to the left of the kneecap. So, if you were to put your right hand on your right knee, your thumb would rest in an indentation between your muscle and your kneecap. This is where my pain is popping up. It doesn't hurt all of the time, just sometimes...while I'm not running. However, while I was running Tuesday night I lengthened my stride and I felt two pops in that area of my knee...and it hurt!!! I had to walk it off for about 5 minutes. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe runner's knee??? But I'm not so sure. Any ideas would be much appreciated! :)

While on the topic of that run in which my knee popped....

I ran 6 miles! WOO HOO! Yes, it's the farthest I have ever ran. I was out to run about 5 miles, but I decided to take a different route to shake things up. I turned down 3rd Street and headed onto the mall of the University of Arizona. I never realized how many people run there! SO. MANY. PEOPLE. Like 60. Or more. Seriously. I was way impressed and I felt right at home. :)

I took some Shot Bloks with me beforehand and they tasted pretty good! I should do a review (you know, something official).

This is where I ran Tuesday night. I never realized how much cooler it is to run next to grass, although it's pretty obvious! I need to do this run more often. 

The U of A Mall

Miles: 6.44

Time: 1:07:35

Avg Pace: 10'29"

I really really really (times 100) want to run Tumamoc Hill tonight. SO. BADLY.  I'm asking some friends on Facebook to see if anyone will join me. I don't really want to run that monster of a hill by myself. So, hopefully a post on that run soon (should be interesting). 

Only 9 more days until the Sabino Canyon Classic!!!

Have a fun Thursday!


  1. When I was having my knee pain in high school, that was where it was. I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that the area is called the window to the knee. My problem was torn cartilage. The pain was sharp and so bad that I couldn't bend it without a knife-like burn.
    My thoughts for you are that it could be your shoes or something that stretching could fix. I'll show you some when I come down this weekend (to the race you are totally going to kick my ass in:-).

  2. welcome back! congrats on the 6 miles! good luck figuring out that knee pain.

  3. Yay U of A!!!!

    1000 photos?! Holy crap lady!! :)
    Can't wait to see them!!!


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