Friday, January 23, 2015

What Happens When Your Running Buddy is Injured? (The Dog Edition)

 And I feel terrible about it because I am partly to blame. 

My main running buddy (for short training runs) is my dog, Sookie. We used to head out on the local river path or dog-friendly trails for 3-4 mile runs together. And boy does she love to run! 

The best running buddy. 

On the top of Mt. Wrightson.
It's perhaps one of her favorite things to do...well, that and sleep all day. She is pretty darn lazy sometimes. 

Waaaay too comfortable on the couch. 

But when she is not lazy, she is definitely an outdoor adventure dog!

At the Mt. Lemmon
fire lookout. 

But recently (around Thanksgiving), she had an accident. Unfortunately, she ended up tearing a ligament in her wrist. We were playing in the Sapillo Creek in New Mexico and found a small foot bridge (about 4 feet high). I went on the bridge and then thought it would be a good idea to call Sookie to follow me. I know, what the hell was I thinking?? 

Anyways, of course, she did. She is too good of a listener. The bridge swayed a little and freaked her out. So instead of going back the way she came, she jumped. And she jumped right into some loose rocks. Perhaps if it had been flat ground, she would still be okay. But it wasn't and she's not. :(

This is the creek and the dogs playing and running around just before the incident.
You can't see it but the bridge is farther down the creek, to the left.  

After carrying her back to the cabin. She is in a lot of pain here. 

She ended up damaging her ligament in her wrist. It's called carpal hyper-extension and it means that she needs surgery. I could care less about the cost (even though it's been pretty expensive so far and continues to get more expensive each vet visit) because I love her so much and that would never stop me from getting her the treatment that she needs. But I am upset that it was my fault. I was the one who invited her on that bridge and I wish more than anything that I could go back and change that. 

It has been so difficult seeing her injured. She is SO DEPRESSED. She needs daily walks and runs to stay happy. It's what she loves. So being stuck inside has been killing her soul.
 I hate it I hate it I hate it. 

Sad dog Sookie. She wants to go for a run. 

Her surgery appointment is this Tuesday and I am so so so nervous. I hope everything goes well. Thankfully, I don't work that day. Good thing because I wouldn't be able to focus knowing that she is in surgery because of me.
But there is hope, I think.

She has been trying to be active even with the splint on. She has chased bunnies in the back like before. She is a little slower, yes, but she still has the same enthusiasm when she is outside doing that stuff. Because of her want/need to be active, she has broken a few splints, and we had to get them re-wrapped. Costly stuff. But it has shown me that she still has a desire to run and play and hike and be outside. She hasn't given up. And I don't think she will, which definitely gives me hope that she will have a speedy recovery! 

After getting another splint change at the vet. 

I love my Sookie so much. She is my child, in a sense. And she is a big part of my family. Having to go on my short runs without her is hard. Especially when she sees me walk out the door and she knows exactly where I am going. It's been tough. 

So what I can I do? Not much, except to keep going. And hope that her surgery and recovery goes well. I will be sure to post updates about it. 

Please send good wishes our way! 


  1. Sorry about your Sookie. I hope she has a speedy recovery and is back on the trails with you soon. And don't blame yourself. You didn't do anything wrong. Sometimes bad stuff just happens.

    1. Thanks Dan! Keep trying to tell myself that. She can't wait to get back on those trails! :)

  2. Talk about a heart breaker…. This Story…. That was painful for us to read…. Us meaning Shadow Boy & I…. After a similar tale of our own…. Shadow Boy reminded me that DOGS JUST DONT HOLD GRUDGES …. PLEASE START BELIEVING THAT…. Sookie's last photo is of pure joy…. Not hardship….. Also…. You can do something right now & everyday after surgery…. This might sound out there BUT it totally works without thinking it will…. Place each hand on the opposite side of her paw…. Keep your hands about 2 - 4 inches OFF her paw…. Picture happy thoughts for approximately 20 seconds…. Simple move your hands to a new angle and repeat…. I heard this method as " therapeutic touch " and " Swiss Cheese " and I learned it as " Baking "….. We all can do this and I promise that Snookie will dig it…. Feel free to ask me questions….. Cheers and Treats to You and Snookie

    1. Thanks for your kind words! And that doesn't sound out there...I will definitely try it! Anything to help the pup.

    2. So I believe that surgery was today??? Right??? What did they say?? How are you holding up??? Please start baking her paw as soon as you see her. Big Healthy Hugs

  3. Aww poor Sookie, so hard to see our animal friends hurting. I hope his surgery and recovery goes great. My little Cola dog has been run over and had to deal with a broken pelvis, it was so hard for him to see me go running while he was healing up but he was back to long runs in what seemed like a really short amount of time

    1. Wow! Run over!? I would have been devastated. Glad to hear he survived and is back to running! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Guy! I hope to bring her on a few more TTR runs in the future. :)

  5. hope she get well soon! little bundle of joy!


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