Sunday, March 7, 2010

Winter Storm Alert!

Whoa! It's crazy outside today! It's incredibly windy, chilly and raining sideways. This is one of the many reason I love Tucson. The weather changes almost daily, in some cases. Yesterday, it was warm and sunny. Today, well, it's like I said, and I love it!!! :)

Chance, Sookie (my dog) and I went on a short run at Reid Park. This is where the Race for the Cure will be held, and I wanted to run it before next month. We only ran one lap (about 1.8 miles) becuase it was starting to get rainy, cold and windy. And Chance didn't bring a jacket, so he was freezing! My dog didn't do so well. I never took her running before, so she didn't know what to expect. And she was worn out at about .5 miles. She was chuging the water from my bottle and breathing oddly. I'm either going to have to train her to run with me or not take her anymore. :(

My legs hurt so I'm going to do some stretching and also some studying for a midterm I have on Thursday.


  1. I took Lily running for the first time on Friday. It sounds like she had a similar reaction to Sookie. She was panting and dragging along after 15 minutes.

    My plan is to keep taking her, especially on the runs I don't want to go on. That way, I can go a little slower, Lily will build her endurance and I will be running when I didn't want to go.

  2. hey girlie! i have lots of info on this post: about running with your dogs. be careful!! they need to be built up/trained just like humans do and you need to go slow with them and really watch them at first. overheating (even when its not THAT hot out) is the biggest thing you need to watch for. once you get them built up they make GREAT running partners :) check out the post and also the article i linked on the post to runners world.


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