Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Race Packet!

I never got the chance to do my Sabino Canyon run...yet. I'm still planning for it! Kali felt sick when she woke up and she had the free pass to get us into the parking lot. I had absolutely no money on Sunday either (but got paid yesterday, woohoo!) I'm sorry. I feel as if I have let everyone down. It is really beautiful out there, so I let myself down too. The photos will come though. I would like to go out there this weekend. My plans don't always work out because I have so much going on in my life right now. Juggling school and 2 jobs is hard work! Of course, I'm sure you all have a lot going on too.

This is my spring break and I'm working more than I have ever worked before! I'm really tired, and actually somewhat excited to begin school again, just so I'll have some time for myself. Weird how that works, huh?

On another note, I got my first race packet! This is for Race for the Cure on April 11th. I'm super excited, as you all know by now. My first 5K!

I made Chance take this picture, and he thinks I'm weird for posting stuff like this on my blog. Whatever. Boys are weird.

I've had a hard time training this week, mostly due to work. I've been busy, like always. Tomorrow is the next scheduled run of 4 miles. *crosses fingers* Maybe I should pick a new route or something, just to shake it up a bit.

Oh! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! :) I almost forgot even though Chance and I went out and had a flight of Irish beers. I'm sure that's great for training, right? Hope you had fun! :)

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  1. Great Picture James! You should be excited for your first 5k! Posting this picture is perfectly acceptable :-)


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