Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tucson is Beautiful!

Thank you Tucson for finally clearing up! It's amazing out here! Still a little chilly (for me), but the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining bright. It's 62 degrees outside right now, which is funny because I remember a few times in January when it was 75-80 degrees. What's going on??? It had to be the rain. winter rains are soooo cold and chilly, you don't even want to step outside, and I had to bike to school! :( Those were sad, soggy days. No fun.

This is a photo of University avenue today. I was walking around snapping photos for your enjoyment! :)

I'm at school again, obviously. I never seem to post at home. It's very convenient to post here, especially during boring classes. ;)

I have Spring Break coming up soon! I'm really excited! I'm probably going to run a lot, to make up for lost time, of course. Also, I want to go kayaking with Chance at Parker Canyon Lake, which is pretty close to the Mexican border. I really want to go into Mexico, not to party like a lot of college kids will be doing, but to walk around and explore. I'm so happy I live an hour and a half away from another country, one that is so very different from ours. It's great! I wish I could go over there more often, but my parents/some friends think it's unsafe right now. It's only unsafe if you get involved. Really.

Some more photos! This is the Arizona State Musuem where I intern.

Looing down university ave toward Old main, the 1st building on campus.

I love Tucson.

Oh! Sorta random topic...I've been trying to eat a little more like a "runner". I've researched what kind of foods are good for runners, like almonds and salmon. And boy, I've been eating a ton of it. I actually don't even like nuts and eating more salmon means an excuse for more sushi! Whatever helps, right? ;)


  1. Beautiful pictures! Tucson is definitely very nice. I went there for work a couple times and would go running up in Sabino Canyon- SO gorgeous! You're very lucky (especially this time of year)!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. You take very lovely pictures :-) Aww, I inspired you to run... No blaming me though when you hit mile 22, have 4.2 miles to go and feel like your legs are going to fall off. :-)

    I Love you!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    What a gorgeous day you got in Tucson! Also, take advantage of spring break....those go away all too soon. What I wouldn't give for a nice relaxing spring break! :)


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