Saturday, February 20, 2010


Why is it so cold today!? The past few days have been warm, sunny and beautiful! What happened to today? It's turned into a cold and rainy mess. :(

Good thing I went running yesterday. It was a good run, i think. I would definitely say that yesterday was my first day of training, so i better mark it on my calendar! :)

I need some leg muscle. They were hurting so badly! I did some stretches along the way, and that seemed to help. I also was tiring out too quickly. These things I really need to improve.

My sister had bought me a Nike+ thingy for my birthday, and I couldn't figure out how to get it working! It frustrated me and that delayed my run a bit. Chance and I ran up to U of A and back to our apartment. The Nike+ website told me it was a total of 5.5 miles when I mapped it out, but I don't believe them.

Also! Shoes. Holy cow. I have a huge blister (not trying to be gross or anything...sorry...) on the bottom of my foot. It hurts like crazy! I thought my running shoes were good enough, but I guess not! Is there a special type of shoe that I should know about? And I thought I heard something about your shoes being a whole size bigger because your feet swell? I'm not sure if I should throw out these current shoes or just get thicker socks?

I wish I had some photos of me running or something so I can post them...I'll get on that!

I hope it's sunny where ever you are!

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