Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heat! Finally! And the Hoff. And Fuel Belts.

It's finally getting hotter in the little city of Tucson! And that's what I like! It's been too cold this winter and Tucson is finally breaking free. It is a beautiful 70 something degrees outside today. LOVE IT. Although, it's still a little nippy for me. I like my heat. Come on, I didn't name this blog Heat Runner for nothing!

When I get my paycheck this week I plan on buying a few things:
1. Food. Very important.
2. Registration for Race for the Cure
3. A fuel belt!
4. Some decent running clothes
5. And...probably another round of Harry Potter shots at the Auld Dubliner. Those things are goooood.

I've decided I can run this race. Last night, when Chance took me to my favorite Japanese restaurant, I jogged down the sidewalk (in my boots, mind you)! I could feel where it was hurting. My knees are especially weak from not running. But I think I just need some stretching and a light jog to start me out again. I need to work out!

I'm at school right now. And I was considering biking run. And then bike back at 2pm for another class. Am I crazy? I'm not sure. I prolly won't do it just because I need to get my homework done. But it's all I can think about right now!

Oh. That, and the Hoff. Yes, the Hoff. As in David Hasselhoff. I met him today! I go to the University of Arizona and his daughter goes here as well. So, he's sometimes on campus. Like today! Sweeeet, I know.

I got as close as I could.


Okay. On to Fuel Belts.
I've been reading about them after my sister gave them two thumbs up. Also, I saw her using it at the Phoenix Rock and Roll Marathon and she looked hydrated and comfortable wearing it.

So, that's why its on my list of what to buy. There are some pros and cons though, from what I heard, just to throw these out there.

1. They look awesome. You look like a smart, professional (maybe experienced is a better word) runner when you're wearing one of these.
2. You will stay hydrated. There are different styles which have 2-6 bottles on them.
3. You can carry keys and gels in the pockets! You don't want too much weight, but you need the important things. Also, I don't know what gels are (yet) but my sister highly recommends them.
So, go get some. That should be on my list too!
4. You won't waste time at a water station. I hear those get crowded.
5. I don't really have anything else except that they look cool, this is why I'm getting one. I felt that it needed to be on the list twice.

Cons: These aren't for me, they are for you. I know I want one, but one should always consider the negitive side.
1. Weight. They're aren't that heavy I hear, but if you've been training without that weight, it could make it difficult.
2. Of course you're going to run out of water. You'll probably have to stop sooner or later for some water elsewhere.
3. I don't have any more cons because they're are too cool. Go get one you marathon runners, you.

Also, I think that people running without one don't look like experienced runners. This was from a non-runners point of view. I'm not trying to be mean, and I'm not trying to sell a product. I just think it is a really, really good idea. Please tell me what you think. I'd love to know how others feel about this.

I want one of these fuel belts. They look pretty sweet. The navy one is really nice.

Okay, I should get back to my homework. Although, all I want to do is run.


  1. Make sure the fuel belt fits well. I used one for a long time and it use to bug the crap out of me. The back always jumped, but I need the hydration. I have been using a hand held which has been working out well. Both take a little time to get use to, but they are necessary for hydration. Good luck!

    Glad to hear it is warming up somewhere!

  2. I've never tried a fuel belt, but since I will spend this year training for a marathon, I should probably start looking into getting one. In the past, I have carried one of those small water bottles or I've planned my run to loop around where I lived to grab water. Of course then when I'm tired I'm more likely to head inside.


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