Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4 Days

The Sabino Canyon Classic is in 4 days! I haven't ran a race since June and I'm really excited! I've been training like crazy. It's going to be an instant PR (never ran a 4.5 mile race before!) so I'm not focusing on beating a time. I'm looking at this as an easy race, so I can just enjoy myself (but I still have the opportunity to run fast).

The course is slightly hilly. More than I'm used to. I ran it on Sunday, just to see how I'll do, but I screwed it up from the moment I woke up. First off, I kept snoozing the alarm (bad, I know) so I didn't get out running until 9 AM. One word: HOT.

I was aiming for 4.5 miles but I just couldn't do it. I forgot a hat, and sunscreen, so I didn't want to push myself any further. I stopped on the side of the road at about 1.5 miles and chilled out near a stream, while I cooled down.

Miles: 3.03
Time: 33:28
Avg Pace: 11'01"

I know my blog is called Heat Runner, but jeeeeez, Tucson is a very hot place! Some days, I just can't get out there and run because the temps have reached into the 100's. I feel bad about this (considering it's my home and I should be accustomed to it) but at the same time I don't want to get heat exhaustion. I'm actually semi-excited for the winter months. I don't usually like the cold but I seem to perform better in colder temperatures. I'm interested to see if my times improve.


  1. Wow. I don't like to run in the heat and don't know how I would do in those temps! Good luck this weekend! You will do awesome!

  2. I don't blame you for not running outside with 100+ temps! That can't be healthy and you are right, you probably end up with heat exhaustion. I usually don't run outside if it is higher than 90. In those cases I go to the gym and get my miles in on the treadmill. I mix it up with speed or hill intervals to avoid boredom :)

    Good luck on your race this weekend!!!

  3. GO Iowa!!!! hehe :)

    Ugg, it has been SOOO hot lately. I can't stand it. But, good for you for getting out there. Good luck!

  4. I heard somewhere that when you run, add 20 degrees to the temperature and that's how hot it feels while you're running. Makes sense to me :-) I run the best in 60 to 65 degrees. That would be a nice 80 something degree run. Prett-ty nice :-)

  5. Take care of yourself in those temps! I face the heat, too, and it can be brutal! Good luck this weekend. I am sure you will do great.

  6. Good for you - Good luck on Saturday!

  7. Hi Jamie,
    You have such a pretty blog...it is so cheerful looking:) Good luck this weekend with that 4.5 mile race! You are going to do awesome!

  8. I think there are two geocaches off the side of the road in Sabino ;-) Probably right where you were hanging by the stream! If you do decided to give geocaching a go and want someone to go with, let me know! I'm always looking for someone to go with on longer hikes! It's a very addicting hobby.

    Good luck on your race! I hope it starts nice and early when it's still cool out!!

  9. Good luck this weekend! Be safe in the heat.


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