Friday, February 26, 2010


It's Rodeo Vacation! But only for most of Tucson. U of A doesn't get Rodeo Break because they're a university and that's their lame excuse. It doesn't really matter though. No one in Tucson actually goes to the Rodeo. It's mostly visitors...who don't have the break...weird...

I wanted to show off my rodeo garb. I'm working at the Children's Museum today and everyone dressed up! Well, a few of us. Everyone else does not understand the idea of dressing up...or they're lame.

This is me, Adam and Eliza! We look like were about to wrangle something! Notice my Sheriff badge.
I'm taking this from behind the computer monitor so no one can make fun of me at the front desk! :)

I can't show you my cowboy boots because I don't have any. Tragedy, yes, I know. I'm in the market to buy some, but they're either super expensive or really small. everyone in Tucson should own a pair.

I'm planning on a run tonight. Maybe Chance and I will end up doing the same loop we did last time. We ran from our apartment to U of A and back. Not too bad, I did a lot of complaining, but only because my Nike+ was NOT working, and that made me feel as if my run wasn't worth anything. Silly, right? I am training, but when I don't know how far or how fast I'm running, it feels useless.

Until Later!

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  1. Your Nike + should be working :-( I know how you feel though. It's nice to see your mileage as one big total. I almost didn't go for my nine-miler today because my ipod didn't work at first. Almost walked right back in the house. Thankfully, it decided to cooperate.


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