Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. School started on Monday. I'm one week in and I'll be honest...I'm not loving it. There are so many people! I have been so close to running multiple people over while on my bike. Sure, I speed pretty fast through campus, but it's ridiculous to walk in front of bike traffic. Silly freshman. Also, why do so many people look nice when they get to class?? I show up sweaty, smelly and I'm basically a mess. WTH? And, there are motorcycle cops everywhere! Guess who they're after? Cyclists. Of course.

These guys would love to give me a ticket.

2. I am into Week 3 of my MLHM training plans. While I may not be completely sticking to the plan (yet) I am doing good enough. I plan on heading up to Mt. Lemmon sometime this weekend for a short trial run and to see how my body handles the altitude...again.  I was up there for a little while this summer and I felt like my body was getting used to it. But, now I've been back in Tucson for over a month now. How do you train for high altitude races?  

3. I joined the University of Arizona Women's Rugby Team!  This is very exciting for me because I am very competitive and I'll admit, a bit aggressive. This. Is. My. Sport. Other than running and cycling, of course! Lets see if I survive the first practice....

I like to pretend this will be me soon.


  1. I love your new blog design!!! :)
    Enjoy rugby, sounds like so much fun! I would love to do try that :)

  2. rugby is HARDCORE! have fun!

  3. Great new blog design!

    Have fun with rugby!!


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