Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites

  1. My last Friday of freedom. Not sure if this can be classified as a favorite. Yay for Friday, but I start the beginning of my last year as an undergrad Monday. Somewhat bittersweet. Although, I'm not quite sure how I feel yet. Give me a few days. ;)
  2. I saved a dog yesterday. Really. I was driving home when I saw this small shih-tzu running around in circles in a front yard near a main road. I didn't see anyone in the front yard, so I stopped the car and got out, just to make sure. I'm a sucker for animals, so this happens all. the. time.
    As soon as I got out, the little pup ran right over to me and tried to hide in my legs. She was muddy, shaking and soaked. It was storming pretty badly and I guessed she was freaked out by the thunder, escaped from her house and got lost. She was pretty small so I figured she wasn't far from her house. And I was right! My mom and I went door to door (yup, it was still storming) and about 5 houses later...we found her owner! And she was really really happy to have her back! I think I wouldn't have felt as great if they didn't even know she was gone. But that wasn't the case. They were really worried about her! It was perhaps the highlight of my week. I'm still smiling about it. :) :) :)
  3. I love love love my job. I work for the Girl Scouts now and it is an amazing job that gets more and more rewarding each day. What more could I ask for?
  4. I started my training plans for the Mount Lemmon Half Marathon. Yes, I'm moving down to the half and I'm okay with it. Sure, I had plans to run the marathon and I was so excited about it. However, life gets in the way, as it did in my case. But I made the decision on my own (as in, no one influenced me) and I'm proud of myself for stepping down. I know I can be very competitive, so this is a major step. All of my runs have been at night and I can't wait until I can starting running in the morning again. I have this wonderful plan of waking up early before school, biking over to the rec center, using all of the fancy machines, and being extremely fit this year. Think I can do it? *crossing my fingers*  I sure hope I can!

  5. I am seriously considering sending in an application for the Real World. One of my life goals is to be on The Challenge (it used to be called Real World/Road Rules Challenge). I'll let you know if I plan on doing it. I have to send in a video so I'll definitely have to show you that. :)


  1. The dog rescue story gave me goose bumps! So thankful there are people like you out there. My dog is a rescue dog and thanks to people like you, he was saved from a very bad place :)

  2. Love the story about the dog!! Good luck on the training. Would love to hear how that us coming along.

  3. Aw, yay for saving the pup!! Glad there are people like you out there. :)

    Good luck with your trianing! And keep us posted on the Real World audition. :)


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