Monday, August 1, 2011

Dancing in the Dark

Have you ever been out running an errand and suddenly decided to do something else completely? Story. Of. My. Life.  I'm a pretty distracted gal, but once in a while I love spur of the moment happenings. 

A few nights ago, I was driving around, dropping movies off, shopping, etc. I drove over a bridge and looked over to see a crowd gathering. I immediately pulled over, parked, grabbed my camera and walked down to the bike path. I asked around to make sure I stopped for the right thing, and sure enough, I did. I stopped because I wanted to see the bats. 

I'm not even going to bother posting the photo I took because you can't see anything in it. Just a lonely bridge. Yay for lousy photo taking skills. :)
So I found a better photo (thanks Google!):
People watch bats fly out from under the Ina Road bridge over the Santa Cruz River.

I went the night after as well. This time, it was planned and I took Chance. The only downside: if you sit too close you can get a good whiff of bat feces. Yum. 


In other news, I've gotten back into night running. At our old apartment, I loved running at night. Mostly because there were street lights, and sidewalks and I just felt safe running where there was a good amount of traffic and I wouldn't be kidnapped. Seriously, I'm afraid of that happening. And it's a legitimate fear, I think. But recently, we moved up north towards the river and there's a lack of street lights and traffic and it's just too darn quiet at night. So, I've been freaked out about running after hours. 

But now, thanks to Chance, we've been running the past few nights together and I'm feeling better about it. We donned our headlamps and some reflective gear last night and I felt pretty good about running on the river path. Then again, I did have my big, strong man to protect me. :) But, I may be ready to go for a run by myself tonight. I definitely plan to invest in a Road ID and some pepper spray though. I'm not a fool.  It's still dangerous out there, especially at night! 

But the night time and I are becoming good friends once again. Good thing too. It's hella hot during the day. Even early morning runs are hard to get through this time of the year. And who doesn't like breaking out their reflective Ragnar gear? Brings back good memories. :)


  1. I just can't make myself go out and run after dinner hours... Never understood how people do it, but then again I'm sure others feel the same about running at 4am.

    Glad you weren't dive-bombed by any bats

  2. Cool picture! And I'm with you on night runs...even though it's still freaking hot!

  3. I like night running too! I tend to run better later in the day, but it does keep me up at night after a run. In AZ, night running is the only way to go. :)

  4. Great job on night running! I'm way too scared to do that. I even carry pepper spray on a well crowded day on a Saturday morning :)


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