Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Update

First thing Saturday, I got myself a long over due haircut.

I tend to forget about myself when I'm busy. It's not a major cut, just the dead ends are cut off and it has been styled a little. Point is, it makes me feel good. :)

I also tended to my mini garden. One day, I hope to have a backyard and plant a huge garden. But for now, I live on the second floor and pots will have to do. Keep in mind: it is a growing garden. More will come soon!

My dill plant is peaking out from the soil finally! I love love love dill in almost anything, especially broccoli and cheese soup. Can't wait to use it!

My cactus and mint plant sit out front. Haven't used the mint yet, not sure of any good recipes. Any suggestions? I will be looking for some. 

Basil is up next! I will plant him very soon.

I also rode around on my lovely bike this weekend. 
I'm trying to get used to it for upcoming bike related things such as Tricats, El Tour De Tucson, etc. 

I love my bike. :)
Don't you like it's accessories? I have three bike locks hanging on the bars. Yes, three. I have to do this since I leave it on campus. I may only be a little paranoid...

How was your weekend?


  1. Oooh nice bike! I would lock it up safely, too. :)

  2. this was the weekend we were gonna get us bikes.
    where did the weekend go?!



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