Saturday, January 10, 2015

First Week of 2015 - Goals and Updates

Happy New Year! A week into 2015 and it's going great! 

I normally don't make New Years resolutions, but I did find a list from Jan. 2014 in a pile of junk in my office. I had wrote a list of possible New Years resolutions (just playing with the idea), and then stuffed it into a stack of papers. Of course, I forgot about it...until I found it a few days ago. A whole year had gone by and sadly, I didn't accomplish half of it. I know, I know, it wasn't a REAL list or whatever. But it was a list of general goals and I am sad that internally, even though I forgot that I wrote it, I didn't not reach more than one or two of the goals. It listed stuff like travel (check!), volunteer more, watch less TV, and become a morning person. 
So general. 

Maybe that was the problem. I had made goals that were not specific enough. I think that may be a problem for many people. Not just me. Possibly why many people don't keep their resolutions? Or maybe they don't want it enough? Not sure, but I guess this could be another post that I don't have time for. I won't try to dissect resolutions any further. :) Let me know your thoughts on them,..

I did however give myself a CHALLENGE for 2015. 
I am going to accomplish (or at least try to, and get really really close!) running
2,015 miles in 2015. 
It is very specific (at least 5.5 miles a day) and very do-able, especially since I am training for an ultra in March. It's that extra push that I need. :) 

For the first week of January, I have completed about 44 miles. I'm a little behind.  But no worries. I am planning some high mileage weeks pretty soon, many of the runs being with my trail running group.

Getting some miles in on the Northwest River Path. 

Running Wasson Peak on my 26th birthday. 

Yesterday took me to Sabino Canyon to run the Phoneline Trail back
to West Fork. 
So far, I am finding it easy to get miles in. I thought I would have to force myself to get out there and log miles, but having this goal for the end of the year is great push. Also, knowing that I told EVERYONE about this challenge, I feel I have a greater need to hold true to it.

Again, I have some long runs planned, so that should bring me up in mileage.
I'm excited to try out some new trails in the mountains surrounding Tucson. I am thankful my EMT class is over and done with, so now I have PLENTLY of time after work for long runs. I just need to take advantage of that more often.

Some other goals for January include giving up alcohol (and soda). I am trying to lose some weight so I can increase my speed and I have realized beer and wine are NOT helping (duh). It's hard because I LOVE going to Happy Hour with my friends once a week. So, for this month, I will try it and see what the results are at the end. *crossing my fingers it helps!*

Happy Running!


  1. 2015 miles is a solid running goal. Maybe I'll adopt it but mine would be walking, biking and hiking as I'm unable to run at the moment. Good Luck with your training.

    1. Thanks Dan! It has been difficult so far, but I always love a challenge! :) I like that idea of splitting the 2,015 miles up between sports. What a great idea!


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