Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Awesome is Christmas?

Way awesome.

Okay, this post is a little late, but work has been nonstop! Which makes it difficult to write a good post. :)

My Christmas was pretty excellent, as usual. I love when family gets together, it just makes me so happy. We play games, we eat, we drink, we tell stories, and I love it all. Plus, now that there is a little one in the mix (my sisters toddler) it's even more fun! We all end up acting a little more childlike to please her and it makes for a good get together.

Cookie making took up all of Thursday night and very early Friday morning. Then, we were off to Phoenix to my sisters house. We ate some food at her parents in law's house and did the yearly white elephant gift exchange and pictionary game. Then, in the morning we had yummy breakfast and then Joann and I went for a Christmas run! Great idea, let me tell you. It was beautiful, warm (maybe too warm actually...) and there was a lot of friendly people out saying Merry Christmas and whatnot. We had forgotten it was Christmas until someone said it to us as they passed by. I guess it's a little weird to go running before opening presents on Christmas day, but that's just us.  It was a short run of 3.75 miles. We took it slow, chatted and enjoyed sister time. :)

Joann and I after our run. You can see her daughter in the background mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba. 

Then, it was time for presents!
This is the running related stuff I got:

An iTunes gift card for some new running music, 

sweet running shirts,

awesome red laces for a cause

a great book that everyone has been telling me about, 

the famous bondiband wicking ponytail hat,

and a freaking awesome Nathan fuel belt!

I also got a gift certificate to a race (the Catalina State Park Trail Race) and a facial/stress buster gift certificate at a spa! I love them all! I can't wait to use them!! And I'll definitely let you know when I do!

My next post will be about my goals for sure. We have only 2 days left of 2010 and I need to start planning for 2011. It's been a crazy year, with many ups and downs. I wish I had written everything crazy down so I could share with you. *Maybe a goal for next year?* There will be talk of upcoming races, upcoming distance goals (there are so many run this many miles in 2011 on so many different blogs, whose should I join in on?), and lots of other things. I'll be devising my plan tomorrow for the new year. So much planning and thinking to do!!!
Happy third to last day of 2010! :) 
What are your goals for 2011?


  1. Wow you really scored for Christmas. No guessing what your favourite activity is.

  2. I really like your pictures- very cute!

    As for goal setting... the past few years I've posted my goals on my blog and returned to those posts a few times during the year as motivation to stay on track. Also, it can also be a point of reflection that maybe some goals need changing?

    Happy New Year!

  3. i like the gift certificate to the catalina race. great idea, i should have done this year for a few i know. let me know how you like your fuel belt. i bought a competitors to nathan, don't care for it much. might be interested in trying nathans. i like there handheld. merry belated Christmas! sounds like you had a great one!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!!!

  4. What fun Christmas goodies! I love your new fuel belt, I need one of those! Do you run outside year around? I just love Arizona but it seems like many of your runners from Arizona have to run on the treadmill, A LOT! How do you get around that?
    Great blog, I also LOVE to run in the heat!!

  5. Wow! Someone LOVES you!! Great running gifts.
    All very practical and fun.

    Let me know what you think of Born to Run. I found it fascinating but I didn't throw my shoes away and run barefoot.

  6. WOW great gifts! You will love the hydration belt, I LOVE mine :) Just make sure you make it tight enough, so it doesn't bounce.

  7. That is the perfect xmas for a runner!! Sweet!

    I'm going to add to the list of people who've already said this to you ... YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THAT BOOK. ;) (I'm also with Kate -- I thought it was really inspiring and motivating, but I still plan on keeping my shoes on. )


  8. You'll love the fuel belt! I've got a 4-bottle Nathan and I love it. Perfect for long runs.

  9. Wow, it looks like you got a lot of great running gear for Christmas!

  10. Some great xmas gifts! That is a fantastic book! i've been drooling over my own copy for months and I have already read it!


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