Friday, December 31, 2010


This year has been fantastic! Especially since running has been introduced into my life. I don't know where I'd be without it. I started running in February of this year sometime after watching my sister run another race. I was inspired by Joann, who had already run a few marathons. I knew if she was determined enough to do that, I could too. And so I begun on my journey to get healthier and more kick-ass, like all runners are known to be. :)

I ran a few races here and there, but I have to say, I wasn't really pushing myself. I just ran for fun and never thought about PRs, speed, or anything. I just wanted to get my feet wet in the world of running. And I think I have. And now, I'm ready to set some real goals that I will hold myself accountable for. I'm ready to start this new year off with a bang!

I'm so excited about it. I also feel really nervous because I know I'm setting some lofty goals for someone who hated running in her high school cross country team. Why was I even on the team? Seriously, who knows? I was bored and looking for something new to do. Unfortunately, it didn't stick back then. Thankfully, it stuck now. I am so thankful for running, you have no idea. It has made me more excited about life, and the world around me. I have met many interesting and awesome people through this sport; people that I hope will stick around. I have learned about so many new events that I could train for (tri's, ultramarathons, etc) and believe me, I want to try them all. I have learned what I need to do to push myself. I have also learned that being alone for an hour or more with you and your own thoughts is very zen and I'm really loving it.  Running rocks my world. 

Goals for 2011:
  • I will blog at least twice a week. This will keep me more accountable with my training and gives you lovely readers something to read. With this, I give you my new blog segment to help me out:                  ... Actually, I'm still working on. :)
  • I also want to start up a monthly segment as well. This one will be like Rave Run in Runners World, but with a different name, for obvious reasons. It will give me the chance to try some different routes and show you the beauty of some of my runs. Still working on the name. 
  • I will keep better track of my monthly/yearly mileage. 
  • I will incorporate a stretching routine into my weekly schedule. 
  • I will join Run for the Bling of it! (HERE) and have an awesome time with that. :)  Go check it out if you do not already know what it is. 
  • I will run 400 miles (at least) in 2011. This goal is with a few friends on DailyMile. 
  • I will better document my races and runs! I love looking at all of your blogs and the awesome photos you've taken. I'm jealous. And I will change that. :)
  • I will run a marathon. And I will stick to a training plan. This one is the scariest run goal for me. First of all, my schedule is hell which means training plans are nearly impossible. And secondly, I'm a little frightened of the 26.2 distance. But I WILL do it. Maybe towards the end of the year, but it's on the list and it must be accomplished. 
  • I will be good to my body and I will not get hurt. This would suck and I'd like to avoid it.
  • I will join some sort of running group, even if its only on the weekends. I want to meet some more running peeps! You guys rock!   
That's about it...for now.

There's always a chance for me to add more, I just wanted to get it started so I have something in the works. Now for my upcoming races!

Planned Races in 2011:

  • January: Freeze your Thorns off Virtual 5k
                    Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Half Marathon
  • February: Ragnar Relay
  • March: Sunrise at Old Tucson Cross Country Trail Run
  • April: Catalina State Park Trail Race
               Warrior Dash
  • May: Tucson Heart Group Cinco De Mayo 10k
  • June: Meet Me Downtown 5k
  • July: Run with the Roosters on Kinney Road 5 miler
  • October: The Great Pumpkin Race 5k
                     Mt. Lemmon Marathon (or half)
  • December: Tucson Marathon 

I don't have all the months filled up but I have exactly 12 races for Run for the Bling of it! Perfect. I may add some, lose some, whatever my schedule permits. Hopefully, I can do all of them. I really want to! :)
Happy New Year to all of my blogger running friends! I've had a blast reading your blogs and following your progess! I hope you will continue to do the same for me! You are all my online support group! Thank you!

Happy New Year!
Keep Running. Be safe. Have fun! 


  1. GREAT goals!! I really like the idea of the rave run section and looking forward to it. You can do the marathon!! :)

  2. What wonderful goals! I am so excited for you!

  3. May I ask how you did the live blogroll on your blog? I love it and would love to add it to my blog.

  4. I am running Ragnar Relay, too!!!!!! Happy New Year!

  5. Great goals! You will do an amazing job!


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