Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend Update!

The past couple of days have been totally crazy! I’ve been helping out at the toy store so its busy busy busy because of Christmas shoppers. Which = nonstop wrapping, selling toys, moving around and of course, nonstop fun. :)  It’s always nice to have a job that lets you play with the merchandise. 

The weekend begun with some seriously painful body aches. I was sent home from work two days in a row. My neck pain became so painful at one point, I decided to give Minute Clinic at CVS a try because I didn’t want to wait at the ER forever. Apparently, they can’t help people with these issues because they have no diagnostics like x-rays. Makes sense. I just wish they could have done something. I ended up going home and using the heat pack like crazy. But, then our friend Ben called and he wanted to hang out before he went to go pick up his girlfriend in Canada (long story). I can’t really reveal all the details of Friday night but basically I ended up bruising my right hip & knee as well as twisting my right foot. And not at the same time. There may have been some running in the desert…in boots…and running out from random washes because a homeless man lunged at me scared me when he moved in the shadows (same thing). So basically, I had neck and back pain and my entire right leg was temporarily disabled. Woo. 

Then, I went into the toy store where I heard some terrifying news. My friend Becca’s apartment burned down the day before. She was supposed to work with me that night. I feel so awful for her! She lost all of her furniture and her kitten. The store has set up an assistance fund in her name so she can get back on her feet.  All of my love is going out to you Becca! 
                It’s a little difficult to complain after that but yesterday at my other job I also had some shocking news. I was informed my lunch hours are not paid for and I need to pay them all back. 

  I’ve been working here for almost a year now. So, that’s about 50 hours. WTH. I was told a 30 minute lunch was paid for at the beginning of my job. And it makes me angry that they just realized I was doing it wrong. Goodbye to saving up for next semester. 

  I swore to run when I got home just to process what happened this weekend. So I did. I was planning to run as soon as I got home but I had to go shopping for some last minute gifts. I ended up running on the mill at 8 instead of running outside like I wanted to. 

Miles: 4.24
Time: 00:46
Avg Pace: 10:50

And I hated it. That was one of the worst runs on the treadmill ever. I really hate that exercise room too. It’s so awkward at night when the whole world can see me sweat my buns off. First of all, the mill is facing away from the TV and out the window. ??? I know. It would make sense if the window was looking at something pretty and not into some dudes apartment. Who leaves his blinds open. And light on. WTH? I don’t need to see your messy apartment buddy. And I definitely do NOT want him looking at me.

Don’t worry. I have a plan. The days of my complaining about this treadmill may be over. I plan to move this sucker. I will move it so it faces the TV and all will be happy. Unless someone likes looking out that craptastic window.  Then, I may be ruining somebody's day. Not to be mean but...too bad.

Here’s what I’m working with:

Please note how stupidly this room is set up. The TV is directly behind of the elliptical as well. Makes no sense. And yes, I'm the weird girl taking photos of the apartment complex exercise room.
 Think I can handle it? I may employ Chance in my brilliant scheme. He has already moved two of the bikes so he can see the TV better.                 

Hopefully the rest of my week is relatively relaxing. Crossing my fingers. 


  1. It's nice to have access to the equipment even if the TV is in the wrong spot.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill so I can feel your pain. I hope your week settles down and you can enjoy the holidays without any more little surprises or bad news.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Apartment gyms seem to never be set up in a reasonable manner! And a job at a toy store would be fun this time of year - I love wrapping presents!

  4. Catching up on blogs and hated to see the bad news in yours. :( Hope things start looking up soon!

  5. (((hugs))) for you and your co-worker!


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