Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Month, More Goals

it's already November! time is flying by so quickly. it's almost 2011!!

so, i figured now is a great time to re-evaluate my goals before the year is over. I never made a list of goals specifically for the year 2010, but I did have a few goals in mind this year. next year, everything will be different. I will have a list specifically for 2011 and I will stick to it. I already feel that 2011 will be way more organized. :)  The list below is somewhat vague, but it's a good start and something for me to work off of for next year.

my goals for 2010 and how they have worked out thus far:
  • drink more water (this summer and this semester I've brought my huge water bottle to work and i make myself drink at least one a day. Sometimes i get up to two. so i did pretty well on this goal!)
  • stretch (this is one goal I never got to. i don't know why, but i either forget about it or i'm too tired. lame excuses, i know.)
  • stick to a training schedule (i had a great schedule printed out and on my fridge (thanks Joann!) for my RNR marathon in January, however, my race situation changed and i had to forgo my schedule.currently, i do not have a schedule and i'm basically making myself run at least 10-15 miles  week, whenever i find the time. )
  • run a few small races this year and plan for a big one (this one i focused on completely! I ran a few small races: race for the cure 5k, meet me downtown 5k, sabino canyon classic 4.5 miles. i have another race in 2 weeks (more on that soon) and a half marathon in january.)  
so, those are my very vague goals for most of 2010. like i said before, 2011 will have way more specific goals.

but for now, i'll come up with some goals for this month, just to keep me on track for my upcoming races:

my goals for november 2010:
  • come up with a schedule for the remaining weeks of training before the RNR half on january 16th
  • come up with a plan for stretching (before, during and after my runs)
  • continue drinking lots of water
  • balance running, homework and life (this one is going to be tough)
  • make a list of races to run for the upcoming year
and i think that's about it...for now. for a post at the end of november, i'll update you with my results. :)


  1. Those are great goals! I am currently working on my 2011 race list. I am thinking about signing up for my first marathon. Haven't been able to get over the nerves to do it though :)

  2. That's good list of goals! You will do great on your half marathon in January! :)

  3. I think it is a great idea to make a list of races for next year. I have my schedule sort of mapped out and I am going to stay focused and motivated:)

    I need to start drinking more water and balancing life will always be a challenge:)

    Take care!

  4. Looks like some great goals for November. Sometimes it's really nice to have vague AND clear concise goals! :)

  5. Great idea to schedule race goals...I'm just getting to the conditioning level where I can plan for some smaller races.


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