Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Color Vibe 5k Race Recap

This past Saturday, I ran my first ever color run!
Actually, it was the Color Vibe. There is a difference.
But they're all pretty much the same as far as I know. You run a 5k and get colored corn starch thrown at you.
My friend Patricia and I decided to sign up. She is just getting back into running so it would be a fun run to get her excited about running again. From what other bloggers have said about color runs, you should go slow anyways to get more color. Perfect!
 I parked at Fort Lowell park. I decided it would be a good idea to warm up since it was a mile away. Why would I walk??

I ran past other "color vibers" and heard a lot of comments. Some said "Why is she running?" while others stated the obivous: "She's definitely a runner.".

Seriously? Are we about to run a 5k or what? Why are you people here???

What I should have realized at that moment is that the Color Vibe (and any other color run for the record) is NOT for runners .

I mean, you can run. But what's the point? You paid to get covered with multicolored corn starch and if you try to run a PR, you'll miss all of the good stuff.

So, yeah, I did warm up and run that 1st mile at a good pace. And guess what? I inspired some others to do the same. As I started to pass people in the bike lane (too many people on the sidewalk), I saw groups of people jump behind me and say "let's do that too!".

Let me stop blabbing and get to the recap...

I found Patricia and her husband Adam in the crowd beforehand. We took some almost before photos (got too excited with the color):

Patricia and Adam
I consider us still clean at this point.
Right before the race started, everyone got excited and threw their color into the air. It was a beautiful dust cloud of color. :)

After a few waves started, we were finally at the start line! 
Off we went!

I was a little disappointed by the color stations. The color was everywhere and beautiful, don't get me wrong! But I thought they would have had a more creative way to get the color on the runners. The volunteers just grabbed a handful of color from a box and threw it. I thought there would be a color gun or something lol. 

COLOR RUN TIP #1: If you wanted to be COVERED in color (not just lightly dusted), run along the sides in front of the color volunteers. And then hold your arms out. They will throw handfuls in your face. Just make sure to hold your breath. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for that massive amount of color and I got some in my eye. 

COLOR RUN TIP #2: Wear sunglasses! But be careful. They threw the color at me when my head was turned and it got through the side of the sunglasses. So, better yet, close your eyes AND wear sunglasses. AND hold your breath. 

I also came out coughing. 
So. Much. Color. Dust.

The run itself was not very scenic. It took place at the Tucson Medical Center. We ran around the property. Runners became cramped on the sidewalks. Too many people and not enough room at times. 

You can see how much my eye watered trying to get the color out.
Not the most attractive look...
There were only 2 color stations. We just ran a double lap so we hit the stations four times during the 5k.

Color Station #2

Patricia must have gotten the box dumped on her or something. 

At the last station, we started grabbing color out of the boxes that were on the ground. Why should the volunteers have all the fun?!?

Finally, we finished! Patricia did awesome! She had a blast. She's even looking at doing more color runs soon. I'm trying to talk her into a mud run. ;) My kind of run.

I want to dress up for my next fun race!
These gals were dancing to the music post race.
They were so energetic. 

Gotta do the jumping photos to show you how excited I am:

Failed jump. I still look excited. 

Overall, this was a great run! It would be great to do with a group! I definitely recommend doing this kind of race at least once. There are so many of these runs popping up now (The Color Vibe, The Color Run, Color Me Rad, etc). you have to do one! 

Next time, I will wear some fun clothes (like a tutu or cape in white of course...) and close my eyes while in the color stations. Lesson learned! :)


  1. You're right, that does NOT sound like a run for trying to PR! It does sound fun though!

  2. Awesome!!! Looks like a lot of fun!!!


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