Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How ya feelin'? HOT HOT HOT!

Happy June everyone!!! I went for a run this morning after dropping Chance off at work at 5:30AM. He's leaving me for a week to go to New Mexico for work. :( Which means he won't get to see me run my 5k on Saturday. The same goes for my parents and sister. They're heading over to San Diego to watch Joann run her marathon, which I think is waaay more important than a 5k, so I'm not really upset. I'm asking a few of my friends to come out and cheer me on, so I have it covered. :)

The run this morning was pretty great. I was considering going back to sleep. Thankfully I didn't! It was really nice out, despite the increasing heat. Now I definitely can't decide if the morning or the evening is a better time to run. Both times are pretty hot here in Tucson. I figure you just have to run and put up with the heat...which reminds me to put that song on my ipod (How ya feelin'? Hot Hot Hot!).

3.11 miles
Avg Pace: 10'19"

I looked up temps in Tucson for the upcoming week and race day and it doesn't look pretty. The high on Saturday will get up to 105F!! Wow! Unfortunately, the race isn't in the morning...it's around 6:30pm. Which means its still going to be pretty darn hot. I should employ a few of my friends to dump water on me in different areas of the route. :)

Actually, I really like that idea...

Happy June/Tuesday!


  1. I just moved to Miami and am learning the value of the water dump!

  2. Nice job on the hot early run! Seriously you may ask that they bring hoses to spray you :) that is going to be toasty!

  3. You should listen to "Hot blooded" by foreigner while running.Bet you would run faster ;)

  4. Whooo, that'll be a hot one! Make sure you hydrate well and have a blast!


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