Friday, May 3, 2013

Yoga Oasis

I have been going to this ah-mazing yoga class for the past 4 weeks. 

I have always liked yoga. But I was never overly excited to go to a yoga class. It used to seem so boring, doing the same yoga poses over and over again. 

But recently, something clicked. I tried out another class at Yoga Oasis in the smaller room with a different teacher and I absolutely fell in love with it! Melissa has become one of my favorite yoga instructors. She is friendly, sweet, helpful and non-judgmental. I am excited to go to class every week. 

And there's definitely something to say about practicing yoga in a smaller room. It is more intimate, and it feels less like a class. Instead it feels like an experience.

The room isn't full just yet.
I like to get there early so that I can grab a place near the front. 

I love this yoga studio! They have a great deal called Yoga Hour where they only charge $5 for a class. Since it's so near to the university, students love this deal and the classes are always full. The studio has a few rooms but the small one is by far my favorite. 

Yoga Oasis has some great quotes along their walls outside.
love Yoga Oasis and I'm excited I have found another hobby to pass the time. :)
Don't expect me to get yoga obsessed, but I will definitely continue to have fun with it. 

Do you  your yoga studio?

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