Thursday, October 18, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Back to marathon training! After the Tinfoilman Triathlon on Sunday, I'm very excited to get back to just running. I loved training for a triathlon, but it's exhausting training for 3 different sports throughout the week. It was a fantastic challenge and I can't wait to do it again. But I'm glad to get back to my roots and just run. Only 4 months until my first marathon! :) :) :)
2. Ragnar Relay Las Vegas.  Less than a month away. But...I'm having second thoughts. O__O I didn't think I would! I joined a team without knowing anyone on it. It's definitely a great idea if you want to meet fellow runners! However, these folks are not really into running. Or so it seems. They seem to like the idea of running and all the gear that comes along with it. I have tried inviting them to multiple TTR events, but no interest. I feel as if I don't fit with the group. And to feel that way AND to have to spend a lot of money on a Las Vegas hotel, it just may not be worth it. I am still IN. I haven't made a decision to drop out, I'm still thinking about it. I don't want to upset anyone, so if it happens, it better happen quick. Have you ever dropped out of a relay team/running group before and did you feel guilty??
3. Parent Teacher Conferences. Not my favorite way to spend my evenings. But that's how I've been spending them this past week. "Hanging out" with my students and their parents. Once in a while, I even get blamed for their kids not getting straight A's. Somehow, it's our fault as teachers. Yes. It happens more often than you'd think. But most of the conferences were positive. It's just the being at school for 10 hours each day really starts to get to you. :/ 
Hope you're having a great week Runnerds!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm actually from Australia - Brisbane - so it's not quite so exciting that I got to run Melbourne. Good luck with your marathon training. And with those snippy parents - heaven forbid that their child is just average and unmotivated.

  2. Oh no, I'm sorry the relay team isn't working out so well. Maybe you can find a repclament for them, that way it won't make you feel that guilty. Win - win for both :)


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