Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Triathlon Bite!

Never before have I had a dream about running. but everywhere I turn in runner blogland, I hear about everyone's race dreams. People describing how they showed up to the race naked, or how something horrible (or amazing) happened to them during their race dream. I never once got to experience that.

Does that make me weird? I used to think that. Like I wasn't doing it right or something. I didn't seem to share the same fears that others did before a race. I guess my mentality of "just finish it" was working a little too well.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I registered for the Tinfoilman Triathlon in October thinking it would be the challenge that I was looking for. A few day after registering, I had my very first race dream. The first dream had the triathlon all screwed up. We started running and then switched to biking, in which I took the lead, and then finished with swimming. I won (as you should in your own dream) but I had the strangest feeling when I woke up. Was I nervous? Is this what happens when you get nervous about a race? I don't think I've ever been nervous about a race. Not until the very last minute anyway.

It wasn't even a fancy hotel. Dreams, why don't you upgrade me?
And then a few days ago, I had my second dream. But this time, the race took place inside of a hotel. Yes, inside. We went running through the halls (remember, my dreams don't understand that swimming starts first) and then we hopped on our bikes. But the manager got mad and he didn't want the bikes in his lobby. I spoke up and said, "why don't we just bike outside on the path?'. It seemed like a brilliant idea (who would have thought?), and that's when I woke up.

What do these dreams mean? I guess I could be nervous. Like I said, I have never really been nervous about a race before. Maybe I need this race? Or maybe they're telling me I'm going to fall in love with triathlons. :)

What happens in your race dreams? Have you ever had one? 

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  1. I usually get them the week before a big race (marathon). I think it's nerves and I actually believe it's better not to have them. Good luck with your tri!


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