Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MLHM in 2 Weeks

The Mt. Lemmon Half Marathon is in two weeks!!!

What I've been up to...

  • Training of course! I've been making it a weekly habit to ride up Mt. Lemmon, every Friday morning. Sometimes my friend Kali joins me, sometimes I go it alone. It's a fantastic ride! When you visit Tucson (I know it's on everybody's list, don't lie) take a ride up Mt. Lemmon. You. Will. Not. Regret. It. 

    Yes, people do actually bike to the top. I've only made it to Milepost 5.

  • Not my bike, but a pretty similar photo to the one I took.

    Some cyclists on their way up. It's quite the incline!

    This cute cafe is fairly close to the base of Mt. Lemmon. A perfect spot for cyclists to meet! (Thanks Google for all the photos!)
  • Working like a mad woman. I have recently taken on a few more projects at work, which in turn has taken up most of my free time. They are really rewarding! But also very exhausting. And it has been taking a toll on my training. Also, I am not full time right now, and it's feeling like a full time job. Definitely tough.
  • Geocaching! I have been browsing locations on and there are a lot of caches in my area! So I had to try it. I made Chance come with me on a late night geocache hunt! It was a ton of fun roaming the park at night looking for "treasure". We didn't actually find one (geocaching is hard!) but we had a good time. I want to go hiking this Sunday in search for one! :)
  • School. Almost done! I'm working on my second to last semester right now. While this is my "full time job" for the time being, I sometimes find myself putting it on the back burner second to work and running. I'm so close to being finished with my undergrad, isn't 5 years in college enough??
  • Stressing. I have 2 laptops and they both broke. Imagine how stressed that is making me! Not only do I have homework and midterms, but I also have my blog which has been totally neglected. :c  And I'm sorry for that. I also have my own photos (instead of the ones used above) but my computer wiped all of them. I. am. so. sad.
  • Just so I don't leave you on a sad note... The Mt. Lemmon Half Marathon is in less than two weeks!!! I am so excited!!! But the question is...Am I ready? I'll let you know in a future post... :)

Happy Running!


  1. I'm so excited for you to run Mt. Lemmon! And those photos of Tucson make me homesick. This is one of the best times of the year in the desert. Hope your training has been going well!

  2. BEAUTIFUL pics!!! Yes, you ARE ready!! :)


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