Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mountain Closures

I left you with intention of living on a beautiful mountain all summer as a camp counselor, running it's trails and enjoying the cool, crisp mountain air. 

Unfortunately, I return from that, a week after I left (which turns out to be a few weeks ago), to be forbidden from returning to that mountain. 

Well, okay, that's a little dramatic, but that's how I see it! 

The Catalina Mountains (where my camp is located), the Santa Rita Mountains and the Rincon Mountains have all been shut down due to overwhelming concerns of the safety of the forests. Understandable. If you haven't noticed my lovely state has been all over the news once again....but this time with extreme fires (one that is now the largest in state history). All human caused. All pretty much uncontrollable. And the wind sure isn't helping. 

I am saddened by this. 

I am angered by this. 

I don't know what to think or what to do.

Yes, my job was up there, but thankfully the council gave us temp jobs for the summer. So I'm not worried about money and bills or anything. That's all okay. 

What I am worried about is my running. I am running the Mt. Lemmon Marathon in October. So it makes sense that I was training up there. You know, get used to the altitude and all that. Unfortunately, with the closure, I am unable to run any trails. 

At first I thought that would be okay. I'll just find some good trails in Sabino Canyon. That has some shaded parts. Nope, closed.

Catalina State Park? No, they closed that as well. 

Well poop.

Guess what the temperature was today? Almost 110. Running outside right now is not an option...unless you have a death wish. I am so close to buying gym passes for the summer. Just to run on a treadmill. I'm sure you know my feelings about treadmills....

The only reassurance I have right now is rain. If When it rains, we are all allowed back on the mountain. Please PLEASE do some sort of rain dance. Go wash your car. Anything. We need rain so badly


  1. Oh no, this is horrible. I hear about the wildfire all over the news and feel so bad for people living there. I'll keep my fingers cross for rain

  2. It's kind of far, but if you fancy a mini road trip - we went up to Pinal Peak a couple weekends ago - it was nice up there (dirt roads but probably ok for a passenger car) and there is always Tucson Mountain park - but that doesn't get anywhere near the elevation you'd want (and no shade!)

    All the fires are such a shame ;-(

  3. Wow, I hadn't heard anything about the closures from my parents, who love Sabino Canyon and Saguaro NP East. Praying for rain for you guys. We're in a severe drought in Louisiana right now as well, and it's strange having summer without any rain. I hope you're able to find an acceptable training substitute for your hilly marathon course.


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