Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ragnar on the Brain

All I can think about lately is the Ragnar Relay! I think about it when I'm running, while I'm biking to school, at work and so on. It's on the brain, that's for sure. And recently, I achieved what I thought was going to be pretty much impossible: find 11 people to run this with me.

Coincidently, my Daily Mile friend Kevin had the same idea. I talked to him about it and I wrote a note on DM and wall-ah! A relay team. A whole team in under a week! We were aiming for tomorrow, at the latest, because we wanted the early registration price. And we got it. OH YEAH.

So, my team is registered and ready go. Most of us want to run it right now. We are so excited. :)  Thanks Daily Mile for being awesome.

Our current team consists of 6 girls, and 5 guys (we have one slot
sort of open, it keeps jumping between people, but we already paid, so there's no turning back!). 

The next step we're taking right now is looking for vans. Many of the rental vans in the area are already sold out for that weekend. That's so crazy. It's in February and the early registration date hasn't even passed. I can imagine the kind of people I'm going to see at the race (awesomely crazy people?).
The next step I want to take is picking who runs which legs. There are 12 runners and each runners run 3 legs, of varying distance. I really really really want to be Runner #1. This runner will run the hardest leg of the course (according to the Ragnar website) of 8.3 miles on an incline that rises 400 feet. I'm not afraid. I'll step up and take on this leg, as for the other two I'll have. I can do it!

Okay, that's all for now. I save more details for later. And I'll let you know the outcome of who gets what leg. Friday is almost here!!!


  1. I am soooo jealous. I have wanted to do a relay of some sort for YEARS. I have just never had the opportunity. It seems that all the cool runners are doing it...


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