Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sold Out!

My first half marathon will have to be some other day. I was planning on racing in the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in June, but it just sold out. :(

This is completely my fault. I was waiting for my next paycheck when I should have just paid for it with my last paycheck. Ugh. Very annoying. Also, these things aren't cheap. That's one thing I'm learning about running. I thought it was one of the cheapest sports but nooooooo. What is the cheapest sport by the way? Does anyone have a clue? Maybe I should join that, whatever it is. The half marathon was going to cost me $115! Yikes! Maybe that's why I never see as many college kids running in races. You have to know you'll be running a certain race very early on and pay for it in the beginning when the price is much lower. That's my plan for the next Phoenix Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. I'll pay for it now!

My sister is still heading over to San Diego to run the marathon. So, good luck Joann! Run fast! :)

But no worries! I still have my first 5k this sunday! only a few more days to go (5 more days to be exact)! I'm training here and there, but I'm not worried about a 5k. I was mostly training for the half, but now that it's not going to happen, I sort of just dropped my "schedule". I call it a "schedule" because it's not really a schedule. I've talked about this before. I'm just so busy this semester. I can't wait for the summer so I can wake up early during the week and not have such a long day full of work and school as well. I've been pushing myself to get up earlier, and I almost did it yesterday! But it was too late and it got too hot, too fast. I became overheated and had to cut my run short. :( Such is the life of a Tucsonan runner.

I'm sorry for my absence! I've been a little scatterbrained this past week. Yesterday, I biked to school and I was about to lock up my bike when I realized my bike locks were still at home. That was a stupid moment. And that explains how the rest of last week went.

I also have a new obsession. It's called Dr. Who. It's a British sci-fi show (the longest running!) and it's super addictive. If you ever get the chance to watch it (it's free on you tube, that's what I've been doing!) you should. But maybe you should like sci-fi first, that might help. :) Dr. Who is partly the reason I've been neglectling this blog of mine. I usually post when I'm at school, but instead of posting, I've been watching, during class (yeah, sometimes I'm a bad student. At least I sit in the back!) I reminded myself today that heatrunner needs some loving, so here you go. Sorry.

I'm going for a run tonight, as soon as the sun gets lower. It's been so hot! I can't run during the day like I did in the winter. Which makes me running alone even more dangerous. I try to get Chance to come with me whenever possible, but sometimes it just can't happen. I stay in lighted, busy areas, so I try to be safe. I've seen these articles about runners disappearing, so I know I need to be safe. You all be safe too!


  1. Sorry to hear about your race being full. Smaller races are usually a bit cheaper, so you might want to check out some local club websites. Rock N Roll races are usually more expensive b/c of all the hoopla surrounding the race. They are a TON of fun, but can really get your pocket!

  2. My running coach says its probably not actually sold out. You can still get in the race by buying a multi-day package to Sea World... for $199! Cheap, Corporate greed. They're just restricting entries so Sea World can get some visitors!


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