Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon Training Schedule

This is the training plan I used for RNRAZ this last January.
Please note that it is a beginner training plan; it's for those who are new to the marathon (which I was). 
I made Sundays my long run days so that I could run with TTR, so Mondays ended up being my rest day. 

Always try to make a training plan fit your schedule. If a plan doesn't work with your schedule, then change it. Otherwise, you won't stick to it. 

1Rest3 miCT3 miRest3 mi 4 mi
2Rest3 miRest3 miCT or Rest3 mi5 mi
3Rest3 miCT4 miCT or Rest3 mi6 mi
4Rest3 miRest4 miCT or Rest3 mi4 mi
5Rest4 miCT4 miCT or Rest3 mi6 mi
6Rest4 miCT4 miCT or Rest3 mi8 mi
7Rest4 miCT4 miCT or Rest3 mi10 mi
8Rest4 miCT4 miCT or Rest3 mi8 mi
9Rest4 miCT4 miCTRest12 mi
10Rest4 miRest4 miCT or Rest3 mi10 mi
11Rest4 miCT4 miCT or Rest3 mi14 mi
12Rest5 miCT5 miCT or Rest3 mi10 mi
13Rest4 miCT5 miCT or Rest3 mi16 mi
14Rest4 miCT5 miCT or Rest3 mi12 mi
15Rest4 miCT5 miCT or RestRest18 mi
16Rest5 miRest6 miCT or Rest3 mi12 mi
17Rest4 miCT6 miCT or Rest3 mi20 mi
18Rest4 miCT4 miCT or Rest3 mi12 mi
19Rest3 mi20 minutes3 miCT or Rest3 mi8 mi
20Rest2 mi20 minutesRest20 minutesRestRace Day!

CT stands for Cross Training. On these days, I tried different activities like swimming, biking, weights, hiking, ultimate frisbee, etc. Try to switch it up a bit. Make it fun. :)

Training Tip: Once you pick your final training schedule, write it down in your planner (if you have one) or calendar. Write every single workout down! That way, you'll see it daily and be more likely to do it. 

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